5 Steps to Summer-Ready Skin

With warm weather on the way, it’s time to start thinking about prepping your skin for summer!

While summer sun is always associated with skin damage, the winter months can be just as rough, with harsh cold winds and low temperatures causing dryness and flaking. Even as we try to escape the cold, the warmth of the indoor heater can also bring on dehydration, causing makeup to shift and look patchy – something we’ve surely all experienced at some point! So in order to combat these winter skin blues and rejuvenate for summer, here are our top tips for healthy, glowing skin:


This doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive, but it will ensure your skin is properly cared for and cleaned effectively. Choose products and a regime you’re comfortable with and will actually use everyday. This could be anything from a simple daily cleanser and moisturiser to a full 6-piece routine – the choice is completely up to you. The team members at our cosmetics counters are always happy to give you guidance on the skincare regime that’s best for your skin (and your budget!).

We’ve all been guilty of going to bed with our makeup still on after a long day or late night, and we all know how awful our skin feels the next morning! When we do this we run the risk of clogging our pores by not allowing our skin to breathe – this can lead to congestion, blackheads and breakouts. So avoid the nasties by getting yourself a good makeup remover and giving your face a quick clean each night before bed.

Our skin has layers and part of its natural process is to shed old top layers and renew layers. This process is fairly slow and can be helped along a little by simply using an exfoliator once or twice a week. The process allows the top layers, otherwise known as dead skin, to be gently removed, exposing the newer, fresher layers, instantly giving you that post-facial glow. Have a chat with our cosmetics team members in store about which exfoliator is right for you.

This is our number one quick fix for dull skin and is an absolute must if you want glowing, healthy looking skin. Ask any celeb or model how they maintain their skin and they will all tell you to drink water by the bucketload! We recommend one to two litres per day, and to make things a little more interesting throw in some fresh strawberries, lemon or cucumber for a tasty change.

Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the proven ways to avoid signs of premature ageing and sun spots. If you’re not keen on wearing a heavy sunscreen under your makeup everyday, then opt for a product that has an SPF already built in. Tinted Moisturisers, BB & CC creams with SPF are all great options for everyday wear when you’re after a light coverage with a natural finish.[/one_half]

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  1. Summer is fun but this is the time of the year also that our skin is most expose to the sun. You must not take for granted your skin if you wish to go to the beach or in any beautiful destination for summer vacation. There are ways to protect your skin from the heat of the skin and enjoy summer without worrying any skin issues or allergies.

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