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Jayson Brunsdon Goes to Rio

Moving away from last season’s focus on mid-century influences, Jayson Brunsdon is taking us to fiery Rio, his muse for this new season. Having made a habit of holidaying there every year, Brundson wanted to capture the colour, culture and unique flavour of this vibrant city.

Jayson Brundson Myer SS15

“The Carioca cultural clash is infectious. I wanted to embrace the youthful energy of Rio de Janeiro, the funky favella flavour, the juicy colours, the sensuality of bronzed skin, the rich greens of the palms, the freshness of the turquoise water, the tropical modernist architecture and the raw physicality and sheer love for life of the Carioca.”

The new collection explores what glamour means today with fun and flirty ruffled skirts, midriff-bearing tops and cut-out dresses. Opulent jacquard fabrics and reptilian textures add a rich feel, while sequins bring all the sparkle of Carnival.

To find out more about this colour clash collection, we spoke to Jayson Brunsdon about all things Rio…

Myer: Tell us about the new collection…
Jayson Brunsdon: Ultimately this collection is a discussion about glamour. We don’t live in an elegant era. We live in a clashing cutting loose time where anything goes. I wanted to question what is glamorous now. What is chic? What is trashy? Has glamour lost its elegance and embraced an exciting youthful energy that borders on being tacky?

M: How do you start designing a collection for summer?
JB: I gather inspiration from summer travels. I take photographs and videos and immerse myself in a culture that luxuriates in a hedonistic summer lifestyle. It’s about a dream of a woman in summer- the colours, the textures, the atmosphere, the vibrancy and sensuality of a laid back glamour.

M: What inspired the techniques featured this season?
JB: I took inspiration from traditional Brazilian dress and also from the way girls dress in Rio, and created glamorous styling out of gathered ra-ra skirts and carnival sequins. I also introduced some more fluid and sensual styles in crepe as a contrast to the structured styling of the brocades.

M: Which designer past or present inspires you the most?
JB: Yves Saint Laurent always inspires me. His sense of colour and pattern, his sensual take on modernity, his lifting of street trends and his love of opulence were unequalled and continue to influence me.

M: What excites you most about spring/summer?
JB: The kind of easy yet opulent glamour that takes you from the beach to dinner. It’s a dream of glittering water and sparkling nights, of wet hair from swimming, of a slash of lip gloss, a flush of bronzed skin on long limbs, the metallic flash of vibrant patterns and luxurious fabrics thrown over the body.

Jayson Brundson Myer ss15

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