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Fleur Wood Draws Inspiration from the Northern Lights

Fascinated by the luminous Northern Lights and drawing on her love of vintage fashion, designer Fleur Wood has created a free-spirited collection of whimsical summer pieces for the season ahead. Floaty tie-dye maxi dresses and embroidered jackets are the perfect shot of bohemian for new season dressing.

From summer BBQs to afternoons on the beach, the Northern Lights collection celebrates everything about long summer days, all with a retro 70s feel. Easy-wear lightweight fabrics, intricate white lace dresses and soft earthy tones invoke a feeling of endless summer. To help get you in that summer mood, we chatted with Fleur about the collection and all things summer.

Myer: Where did you take your inspiration from this season?
Fleur Wood: The beautiful natural light displays in the night sky in Iceland, Northern Canada and the Nordic countries.

M: What’s the one key piece we need to check out?
FW: The Night Glimpses maxi skirt – every girl needs a big dramatic tulle skirt!

M: Can you give us a summer style tip?
FW: 20 minutes of meditation for that perfect summer glow. True beauty comes from inside.

M: What’s the first summer holiday you can remember?
FW: Camping with my parents on the coast of New Zealand. It was the 70s; I remember bright florals, surf prints, hibiscuses, banana splits and zinc on my nose.

M: What themes and techniques have you featured in your collection this season?
FW: The collection uses luxurious fabrics and techniques including sequins, beading and embroidery.

M: Describe your design style in three words…
FW: Bohemian, feminine and modern.

M: Which designer, past or present, inspires you the most?
FW: Poiret

M: Describe the new collection in one sentence…
FW: Northern Lights captures the vibrant rainbow colour displays while remaining whimsical and soft.

M: What excites you most about Spring Summer?
FW: Summer is my favourite collection to design. I love summer dressing and… well, everything about summer! Mangoes, late afternoon beach swims, barbeques, a little sunburn and Gaytimes.

M: What’s the one piece in the collection that’s perfect for a summer holiday?
FW: The Spirit Hunter dress – it’s perfect to wear all day at the beach and then out to dinner. It’s a great pool to party dress.

M: What’s your beach-side drink of choice?
FW: Fresh coconut water straight from the coconut.

M: Give us a packing tip you swear by.
FW: Always over pack! You never know where you might end up and what you might end up doing. Take everything I say!

M: What’s your dream road trip destination and what would be on the stereo?
FW: The drive along the coast from Melbourne to Kangaroo Island with Leonard Cohen & Bob Dylan playing.

M: Describe your perfect summer’s day!
FW: Wandering around the Bondi flea market and a lazy afternoon at the beach, followed by a fish burger at North Bondi Fish with friends.

Fleur Wood Myer ss15

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