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Going into the Lipstick Jungle with Arthur Galan

Structure both soft and strong forms the basis of Arthur Galan AG’s SS15 collection. With quality fabrics and sleek tailoring as constant trademarks of the label, this season has subtle notes of sportsluxe intertwined with classically wearable shapes and trans-seasonal pieces.

Arthur Galan AG Myerss15

Inspired by long summer evenings, Arthur Galan took on a jungle vibe to create his vibrant palette. Here’s what he had to say about the new collection, plus the inside scoop on what he loves most about the warmer months.

Myer: What is your SS15 collection called?
Arthur Galan: The Lipstick Jungle

M: Where did you take your inspiration from this season?
AG: This season the inspiration comes from the warm glow of summer. Cornflower blue, vibrant pinks and rich tangerines blend with an evening spent in the jungle to create a canvas that taps into the moodiness of summer days.

M: Who is the Arthur Galan AG woman?
AG: The AG woman likes to be noticed, her appearance is paramount and she has an appreciation for style and quality

M: What’s the one key piece this season she absolutely must have?
AG: The mesh yoke dress is the must have this summer. Structured lines and abstract contouring give this silhouette a strong feminine statement.

M: Which designer past or present inspires you the most?
AG: The artistic approach to fashion of Jean Paul Gaultier. I’m very excited that the exhibition will be coming to our very own NGV!

M: Describe the new collection in one sentence…
AG: Black summer conflicts with the lipstick smeared vibrant colours.

M: Describe your perfect summer’s day!
AG: Hearing that summer sound of cicadas and enjoying the beach with my family….Dolce far niente (the sweetness of nothing)

M: What’s your dream road trip destination and what would be on the stereo?
AG: Driving around Italy with my family and listening to the local station, absorbing the culture and living in the moment.

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