Perfecting Long-Lasting Day Makeup

Don’t you just love this time of year? The exciting Spring Racing season is fast approaching, and will be quickly followed by sunny weekends filled with Christmas parties, long lunches and summer barbecues… there’s so much to look forward to! With this in mind, now’s a great time to start perfecting your day makeup look for all those events you’ve got coming up – think fresh, natural skin, clean eye makeup and perfect lips that last all day long. To make it easy, we’ve put together a foolproof guide to help you achieve impeccable makeup for any day event.


So why can’t I just wear my night makeup look during the day? I hear you ask. The answer is pretty simple: daylight is the harshest of all lights, exposing everything and anything, particularly on the skin. Also, daytime events inevitably become night-time ones, so your makeup has to last even longer! Makeup fails like foundation streaks on the jawline or smudged liner under the eye – something you can occasionally get away with at night when the light’s a little more forgiving – are very tricky to hide in the harsh light of day! A day at the races (read: a long day outside in the hot sun with plenty of cameras around) is one occasion where the perfect day makeup look is a must, so to avoid your makeup doing the disappearing act this racing season here are some quick tips to ensure it remains beautifully natural during the day while also maintaining it’s staying power into the wee hours of the night.

It’s all about the base

Before any makeup application you need to make sure you’ve thoroughly cleansed and moisturised your skin, as makeup sits best on clean skin. The next important step is to apply a primer to maintain your skin’s hydration and create an invisible barrier between your skin and the foundation you’re about to apply – this prevents your foundation from sinking into your pores and disappearing over the course of the day. Apply a pearl-sized amount of primer all over your face, down under the jawline and into the top of the neck.

The next step is to apply your foundation with a foundation brush, which will ensure you get a more even and well blended coverage. Make sure your foundation is the perfect colour match to your skin (test the colour on your neck or jawline, or if you’re not sure speak to one of our beauty consultants in store) and avoid the temptation to wear a deeper shade in an effort to appear more tanned – trust us, this doesn’t work, and can make your complexion look more muddy than sunkissed

From here, apply concealer as needed, then finish with a light dusting of powder to lock in your base and stop it from shifting throughout the day. Once you’re done, pop the compact in your raceday clutch to touch up your base throughout the day. To add some warmth, apply a powder bronzer to the cheekbones, then sweep across the forehead, under the jawline and down the neck.

Napoleon Auto Pilot Primer | Benefit Foundation Brush | Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

The Eyes

Eye makeup is tricky to get right for during the day, as you want it to look subtle, clean and fresh. Create a blank canvas by starting with a layer of concealer blended over the entire eyelid, followed by a dusting of pressed or loose powder to lock in your base. From this point you can begin applying your eye makeup. For racedays we suggest going with eye shadows that have more of a matte finish and avoiding anything overly glittery or sparkly. Shimmery eye shadows are fine, just be mindful of keeping them well blended by applying evenly across the eyelid with makeup brushes. Finish with some liner and a lick of mascara and your eyes are set to sparkle all day long.


Lancome Concealer | Georgio Armani Eye shadow palette | Benefit Mascara

The Lips

When creating your day makeup look, balance is super important. If you’re going with a more neutral eye, you can go brighter and bolder on the lip – think a strong red, vivid fuchsia or hot pink. If, on the other hand, you’re going for a darker, smoky eye, then keep your lip colour more natural.

The search for a lipstick that lasts all day without constant re-application is the Holy Grail of women’s cosmetic needs, but there are a few little things you can do to ensure your lippie lasts as long as possible. Prep your lips the night before by lightly exfoliating your lips with a baby toothbrush and a little water, gently rubbing the bristles over your lips to remove any dry or flaked skin.

On the day, you’ll need to maintain your lips with regular touch-ups, so keep a compact in your bag. If you’re wearing a bold coloured lip, head to the bathroom for your touch ups and ensure you fully remove all of your lipstick and reapply to fresh clean lips each time to avoid any build up and smudged lip lines.


Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil | Napoleon Auto Pilot Lip Primer | Georgio Armani Lipstick


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