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Spring Racing Workshop: Hair and Headpieces 101

It’s not every day that we get to fancify our hair with elaborate headpieces so the races is the time to go all out! Matching your hat or headpiece with your hair style is an art all of its own, so here’s everything you need to know to make sure you get it right.

When it comes to choosing a hair style, it’s all about proportion and balance so consider your entire head to toe look when choosing how to wear your hair. To avoid looking too fussy and overdone, choose a simple style that not only lets your headpiece shine, but also compliments your face.

Lauren Phillip’s hair stylist Renee Camilleri recomends a slick pony or bun if you want to show off your millinery and focuses on the fine details when finishing the look, “Don’t forget to hide any headpiece bands or combs in the hair. Finish with some gloss spray on a kebuki brush for the perfect shine”. For an edgy ‘Girl next door’ look, Renee opts for some loose waves and uses a powder booster in the roots of the hair for a full and textured finish.


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How to place your headpiece

Traditionally headpieces are worn on the right side of the head but some styles are also designed to be worn in the centre. Whether it should be placed towards the brow or further back also depends on the style you’ve chosen, so make sure to try out a few different positions for the most flattering look.

If your headpiece attaches with a comb or a headband, start by gently backcombing a section of hair to create a base. The key thing to remember is that bobby pins are your friend – they act as the glue that keeps your whole look together, so don’t scrimp. Spritz each one with hairspray and slide in wavy side down to hold the hair in place. A handy trick is to place your pins in an X shape for extra support. And don’t forget to pack some spares in your bag on the day.

Large headpieces and hats

If you’ve chosen an extravagant headpiece, let it take centre stage with simple, modern waves created using a large-barrelled tong. Gently separate the curls with your fingers and add hairspray before backcombing the roots slightly for extra volume. Alternatively a sleek ponytail also works well with this look.

Large headpieces spring racing

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Medium headpieces

If you’ve opted for an ornate headpiece mounted on a base, a loose, romantic bun or messy top knot provides a handy support to fasten it into. We love these soft, feminine up-dos for providing a sense of balance to the overall look. Day-old hair works best for these looks so don’t be tempted to wash on the day and be liberal with your dry shampoo!

Gregory Ladner ‘Amy’ headband | Max Alexander ‘Paris’ Pillbox hat  | Max Alexander “Bailey” fascinator


Softer and more understated headbands are having a moment, with the fashion pack all loving this style. Great with hair up or down, a headband headpiece is easy to wear and easy to place (not to mention low maintenance!) making it ideal for a race day. A voluminous blow dry is always beautiful for the races, and you can achieve the look at home by sectioning hair with clips and blowing out section by section with a barrel brush. For a sharper, edgier look try a sleek hair-down style.


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