An Interview with Tilda

At just 20 years old, the star of our new ‘Find Wonderful’ brand film, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, is set to become Australia’s next big thing. Her role in breakthrough Australian film 52 Tuesdays has earned critical acclaim, and will no doubt pave the way for a long and successful acting career. We took some time out with Tilda while filming in New Zealand and found out a little bit more about this rising star.


Myer: Tell us about filming 52 Tuesdays?
TCH: 52 Tuesdays was a project I was really excited about because it challenged the form of cinema. It was shot every Tuesday, only on Tuesday, for the course of a year. I played the daughter of a woman that was going through a transition from female to male, and was still completing Year 12 at the same time!

M: What excited you about appearing in the new Myer brand film?
TCH: I was really excited by the style – this felt so much more like a short film, so that was really exciting. It reminded me of the work of French film director Michel Gondry, who is one of my idols. I think that advertising is a really amazing medium of storytelling because it’s very creative, you only have a short amount of time to tell a story and so many people see it – that’s quite a fascinating thing. This new Myer ad is really exciting because we’re creating a world and telling a story of a brand that is such a big part of Australia and the world I’ve grown up in.

M: Which scene was your favourite?
TCH: My favourite scene was the train scene, although it was very difficult. It was exciting because it was hard technically, but it all being in-camera was pretty spectacular – hopefully it works! This has been a really unusual shoot for me because I’ve never worked on anything this large before; it’s all completely new. Working with a green screen is fun – it’s bizarre but it’s also pretty difficult.

M: What are some of your most wonderful childhood memories?
TCH: I had a pretty excellent childhood – I grew up in a bit of a bubble, where, particularly for the first few years of my life, I was basically in Disneyland. I’d say to my parents, ‘I’ll be Simba, you be Mufasa, let’s go’ and they’d play along with it a lot of the time. I went to an alternative primary school and had a really great group of friends who are still my friends now, which is exceptional. We were free to just navigate the world and explore by ourselves – I feel very lucky for the people I’ve had in my life, so that’s pretty wonderful. There’s something so amazing about children, how they can just find the joy in simple things… like Lego! I think there’s something that happens when you get older where you have to pretend you’re not as excited by everything.

M: Can you remember your first experience at a Myer store?
TCH: Myer has been around for so long that I don’t think I could pinpoint my first experience! I think that’s what’s so excellent about Myer as a brand – it’s the place my grandma would go to, and I could go there with my brother and my grandma because there’s something there for everyone. It’s so much a part of your world that I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint an exact first experience.

M: What kind of shopper are you?
TCH: That changes all the time. I really love shopping when I’m travelling, gathering things that have a story, but usually it depends on the day – sometimes I’m like “I’ve just got to get in there and get that pair of socks” and sometimes I can wander for hours. It does take me a while to make a decision…

M: Have you got a special Myer purchase?
When 52 Tuesdays got into Sundance in Berlin it was one of the first times I was able to justify dressing up a little bit, so I bought a sass & bide dress from Myer which I love.

M: How would you describe your style?
TCH: It’s quite eclectic – some days I do the Audrey Hepburn classic thing, and then other days I could go for ultimate dag or Tokyo craziness; it depends on the day and the feeling – it changes. So, ‘changeable’ would be my answer!

M: What does Wonderful mean to you?
TCH: I think that changes every day, and I think that it’s changed a lot whilst I’ve grown up. I grew up in a world which was very much about fairytales and French love films and that’s just the way I wanted to live, and now I think that wonderful comes out of the strangeness and the unpredictable and the not knowing what’s going to happen next. You can choose wonderful every day.

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