Wonderful Wednesday

At Myer, we’re celebrating everything wonderful – the moments that give you tingles all over, when you feel something extraordinary, a rush of excitement, awe and wonder. Moments that make us cry with happiness, that make us laugh until our tummies hurt, that we can’t wait to experience again and again and again.

Each week we’re bringing wonderful back into our lives by sharing our favourite Wonderful stories on our social channels. To get things started, we’d love for you to share your Wonderful with us for your chance to win the fashion experience of a lifetime – tickets to the Myer Autumn Winter 2015 Fashion Launch, an outfit to wear to the show to the value of $2000, an appointment with our Myer Melbourne Personal Stylist to help you put together your red carpet look, a beauty makeover, $500 worth of beauty goodies, dinner at a top Melbourne restaurant plus flights, accommodation and transfers. You can find out all about how to enter this exciting competition here.


Sometimes the things that make us most happy are the simple things, like a coffee from the local and a sweet little afternoon treat #findwonderful


Remember that feeling of being on holiday in some exotic location, where everything’s exciting and wonderful? Where every day’s an adventure, and every place has a story? #findwonderful


Coming home after a long day at work to this little man is just wonderful. #findwonderful

8 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. For the first time since growing up and accumulating responsibilities I’m learning to detach and just be, and I’m finding this endearing feeling, so overwhelming of how wonderful life is, how potent and rich and I just want to immerse myself in the luxury of being alive – being grateful just to breathe is truly wonderful,

    • Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for sharing your inspiring outlook. We agree, life is truly wonderful and it’s great to stop and take the time to appreciate it. We hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Love the new Wonderful video! What a great concept for an advertising campaign! We definitely need more Wonderful in our world!!!

    • Hi Robyn, thank you, we’re so glad you love our new film and you’re right, we definitely need more wonderful in our world! Have a great week!

  3. It is beautiful and very refreshing new face..!! Loved the theme of Bringing Wonderful Back. That is something we all need to say to ourselves..!!.

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