Jess Hart Luma

Jess Hart Launches Luma Cosmetics

One of Australia’s most famous natural beauties, Jessica Hart, visited our Myer Melbourne and Sydney City stores last week to officially launch her incredible new cosmetics range, Luma, and share a selfie with some of her beautiful customers.

Jess Hart Luma

While in Melbourne, Jess sat down with us to tell us all about about Luma Cosmetics and share some of her insider beauty tips

Myer: What inspired you to want to create your own cosmetics brand and how involved were you?
Jess Hart: I really love makeup: I love playing with it, I love seeing what you can do with it, I love the art of it and I really liked the idea of a no-fuss routine with nothing too intimidating and with products that are really easy to use. It was important for me to try and create something that really just enhanced natural features and was accessible to everyone. I was involved in the creation of every product, so I’ve literally touched and been across every aspect of the range which was also really important to me.

M: How important was it that your range was predominantly made up of natural ingredients?
JH: This was just as important as having a really good final product, as creating a natural range is quite challenging when you consider the regulations around ingredients. I think this is why it took so long – we worked really hard to get the best possible product and pigments with the best possible ingredients that are natural and gentle on the skin.

M: As an international model you’ve worked with some of the best makeup artists in the world. What’s one of the best tips you’ve picked up along the way?
JH: I think understanding what works for your skin tone, as once you master this you know how to better use your products to enhance your natural complexion. When I worked out that I had so much yellow in my skin, I could start using the right products for a more natural look that actually complimented my skin instead of working against it.

M: Whats your favourite product in the range and what’s the one product that goes everywhere with you?
JH: The one thing that comes with me everywhere, that I can’t live without, is the tinted moisturiser, but my favourite creation in the range is the illuminating highlighter – it’s really beautiful. We worked really hard on this product because there’s not many options out there in the market that really highlight the skin – there’s plenty that add shimmer but not many that actually highlight the skin in a subtle and natural way.

M: Do you have plans to grow the range and add further products?
JH: Definitely, I’m always telling people we need this and we need that in the range! Once you start, you realise the options are endless and it’s so much fun playing with colour, so there’s a lot of room to grow.



Jess Hart Luma

Luma Cosmetics are available at selected stores


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