Handbag must-haves for a day at the races

Some women travel light with just a few basics in their handbag while others carry everything but the kitchen sink, which for every day life might be okay but for a day at the races… not so much. It’s time to empty out your bag, pack strategically and take only the things you really need. Here’s our hit list of handbag must-haves to get you through your day at the races.


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Let’s start by talking about what sort of bag you should be taking to the races. Considering it’s a day where you’re likely to be juggling a drink, food and betting slips, we recommend something with a longer strap so you can sling your bag comfortably over your shoulder to free up hands. Clutches are great also a great option, but consider the size and shape of yours to make sure you can easily hold it under your arm, otherwise you’re going to have your hands full all day (and no one wants to be that girl asking people to hold her drink while she rummages through her bag!). Many clutches come with a strap these days, so consider something a little versatile and avoid anything too big; less is more when you’ve got lots of accessories going on with your outfit.

Now, we’ve got your bag sorted,  let’s lay out exactly what you need to take with you…

A small wallet or purse for your money, bank cards and license. There’s no need to bring your everyday wallet – your loyalty and coffee cards won’t be needed at the races! Keep your betting and ticket stubs in there too, not just floating around in your bag, that way you won’t lose them.

Your mobile phone. Obviously. How else are you going to post all those photos to Instagram?!

Makeup. Keep this simple and only bring along a compact, concealer and your lipstick or lip gloss for touch-ups throughout the day. The compact will come in handy when you can’t get to the bathroom but need to reapply your lips or touch up your foundation.

Depending on your outfit, an emergency stash of supplies such as double sided tape, band aids or heavenly heelz are great to have on hand in case of an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

Mints. Always handy to have – no one likes champagne breath.

Perfume. Chances are you’ll feel the need to freshen up later in the day, and a quick spritz will have you smelling sweet in an instant.

Spare bobby pins. In case your headpiece decides to move or come loose throughout the day, a small back supply is a good idea.

Your ticket! Don’t forget to pack your ticket – without it you’re stuck outside and will be on the first train home!


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