The Flavours of the Myer Marquee

In the Birdcage, the food and drink is just as important as the decadence of the marquees themselves, and this year The Big Group have designed a delicious menu for the Myer Marquee that brings some modern gourmet drama while also playing with the freshest flavours of spring. Director & Co-Founder of The Big Group Bruce Keebaugh said,

“Myer embraces everything wonderful this year and our food is designed to entice, surprise and delight. Wisps of shocking colour via edible flowers, a layering of flavours and a “cupboard of wonder” await!! Please enjoy and have fun at your own risk…”

An early morning acai and berry smoothie with caramelised buckwheat and spring petals will be waiting for guests when they arrive, before explosions of cucumber sorbet spheres on a bed of snow help to freshen their palettes. After that, guests will enjoy the delicious and healthy flavours of spiced tuna tartare, black quinoa cake and yuzu crème. Lunchtime’s spring citrus salad with cucumber, goat’s curd, smoked almonds and flowers is followed by exploding pineapple and coconut paddle pops, while later in the day charcoal beef burgers and french fries with celery salt and preserved lemon mayonnaise will be doing the rounds (and will no doubt be snapped up in a flash!).

To bring a little taste of the wonderful Myer Marquee into your home, Bruce Keebaugh and The Big Group have shared a couple of their their usually top-secret recipes with us – enjoy!

cucumber seltzer gin fizz


30ml gin
15ml lemon juice
15ml yuzu juice
15ml sugar syrup
45ml cucumber seltzer/soda water
garnish slice cucumber

Spring in a glass! Mix London Dry gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup in a tumbler glass with ice before adding cucumber seltzer/soda water. Finish by garnishing with cucumber wedge.

Cucumber gin fizz seltzer

the perfect beef burger


Ingredients for the Bun
250g baker’s flour
125g milk (cold)
4g instant dry yeast
2g salt
40g caster sugar
5g Japanese charcoal powder
45g butter
1 whole egg for glaze

Ingredients for the burger
200g high quality grass fed beef mince
1 eschallot
1g each of ground cumin, sweet paprika, black pepper and salt
40g good quality whole egg aioli
1 jar American Style bread and butter pickles
50g vintage cheddar sliced

To make the bun, combine all ingredients until you get a smooth dough then rest until your dough has doubled in size.
Knock back & knead dough then weigh into 60g portions and shape into rounded portions.
Place onto a baking paper lined baking tray and brush with egg mixture, then rest till doubled.
Bake in a hot oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes or until the bun sounds hollow when tapping.
Remove from oven place on a rack and let cool before slicing.
To make the meat patty, finely dice the eschallot and combine with beef mince and all spices.
Cook a small patty to make sure the mix is seasoned correctly.
Shape mince mixture into into 50g balls and flatten to desired thickness and before cooking in a hot pan.
To assemble, slice a bun into half and place aioli onto top and bottom of the bun.
Place meat patty on the base and top with sliced pickles and cheese before placing bun on top.

spring citrus salad


1 whole orange
1 whole pink grapefruit
4 baby cucumbers
100g Goat’s curd
80g Smoked almonds chopped
1 punnet Mixed flower petals
1 punnet Baby sorrel or substitute with watercress
80ml Apple cider vinegar
50ml good quality extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt flakes and fresh cracked white pepper to taste

Segment the grapefruit and keep aside.
Peel the orange and slice into 0.5cm thick rounds.
Peel the cucumber and deseed, slice into 0.5cm thick half moons..
Mix apple cider vinegar and olive oil and stir to combine adding seasoning to taste
Combine all ingredients in a bowl adding the sorrel (watercress), almonds and some of the petals
Gently toss to make sure the dressing covers all ingredients
To assemble spoon 1 tablespoon of the goats curd onto a small plate and drag spoon through to make a half moon shape
Carefully place the salad on top of the goats curd and garnish with additional flower petals


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