How to Decorate your Christmas Tree

Over the festive season, the centrepiece of many homes is the Christmas Tree, and creating a beautiful tree complete with sparkling ornaments and pretty twinkling lights is one of the joys of the festive season.


Before you even unpack your christmas tree, the first thing to consider is your overall theme and colour scheme. Do you want to do a minimal Nordic theme? Are metallics better suited to your home? Is something traditional with deep reds, golds and whites more your style? Establishing your theme will ensure your tree doesn’t end up looking messy and mis-matched while also ensuring it works well in the room where it will live. Once you’ve decided on your theme, head out to grab any decorations you’re missing and then you’re ready to go!

Why not make a day of it and start the festivities early? December 1st is traditionally the day the tree goes up, so invite your friends or family over for some nibbles and get the festive tunes going – nothing sets the festive mood like some Christmas Carols, be it Mariah Carey, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra or the 2014 Spirit of Christmas Album. Turn it up, sing along and have a laugh while you decorate the tree!

decorating your tree: step by step

Start by putting together your tree as per the instructions. If you’re using a real tree, ensure the base is stable and securely held in place. Once assembled, go through and fluff out each branch to ensure your tree looks nice and full.

From here, the next step is to put the lights on the tree. It’s best to do a quick test of your lights first, just to make sure they all work before you go to all the effort of decorating your tree!

When placing your lights on to your tree, start from the inner base and work your way up, weaving the lights evenly through the branches and around the tree in a circular motion to make sure your lights are evenly spread – you may need a second set of lights depending on the size of your tree. Once all the lights are in place, turn the power on so you can see any gaps and make any necessary adjustments.

Next it’s on to the baubles & ornaments. Start with your sets of baubles and place them evenly across your tree, making sure your colours are well spread. Like the lights, we recommend starting from the inner base of the tree and working your way up and around. Leave your big special ornaments until last and place these in prominent spots, like the middle and front of the tree.

Garlands come next and are best applied climbing up and around the outside branches of the tree in a circular motion. If you’re using tinsel, apply in the same way.

Finally, finish off your tree with something special on the very top. Depending on your theme you may prefer an angel, a santa claus or a star, the choice of what topper to go with is completely up to you! As most tree toppers come with a small open spring on the bottom, find the largest vertical pointing branch at the very top of your tree, bend it over itself and then sit the spring on top, allowing your topper piece to perch neatly on the branch.
Stand back and have one final look at tree to make sure it looks well balanced and even, making any adjustments as needed and then just like that, you’re done and will have a beautiful Christmas Tree to enjoy for the whole festive season.



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