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Why Serena Williams Only Wears Berlei Sports Bras

With the Australian Open just days away, we were excited to welcome tennis superstar Serena Williams back to Myer Melbourne yesterday in her role as a Berlei ambassador. Serena’s mum Oracene first discovered Berlei’s range of sports bras in Myer Melbourne nearly a decade ago, and she’s worn them ever since! We caught up with Serena to find out why she won’t hit the court without her favourite Berlei sports bra.

serena williams berlei

Myer: How did you discover Berlei sports bras?
Serena Williams:
I’ve loved Berlei for such a long time now, long before I became an official ambassador. My mom was the one who first discovered Berlei’s range of sports bras in Myer Melbourne while on a trip for the Australian Open 9 years ago. She bought the sports bras for me and I have been wearing them ever since! For me, no other sports bra compares, as Berlei bras reduce bounce by up to 60%, which is extremely important for me as an athlete, as I spend so much time in training and on the court. Even before officially working together, I would not play a match without my Berlei sports bra. As a big-busted athlete, I know the importance of a comfortable, supportive sports bra! I love that I’m now an official Berlei ambassador because it is a brand that truly supports and celebrates real women of all shapes and sizes.

M: What is it about Berlei bras that you love?
SW: Most women are shocked (I know I was!) to find out that an unsupported B cup can bounce up to 8cm during exercise and a DD cup up to a massive 19cm, causing permanent ligament damage. It’s a shocking fact, so to avoid breast bounce and subsequent damage, I never step onto the court without my Berlei sports bra. I love Berlei sports bras because they are the most comfortable and supportive bras I’ve found anywhere around the world – plus they look great too!

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M: What’s your number one tip for picking a good sports bra?
SW: My number one tip for picking a good sports bra would be to choose a style that supports your level of physical activity. If you’re planning on high impact exercise, you’ll need Berlei’s Support Factor 4 bras, which reduce bounce by up to 60%. Also, make sure you choose a colour and design that will look great with your workout gear – we all know I love fashion and love to colour co-ordinate my fitness wear! Berlei have some fun and vibrant colours and prints this season, as well as traditional colours, so there’s something to suit everyone’s style.

M: How often should you replace your sports bras?
SW: As I’m a professional tennis player, I need to replace my sports bras more often then most women! But it’s recommended that women should replace their sports bras approximately every six months.

M: What’s your preferred style?
My favourite sports bra is the Berlei High Performance, it’s got a support factor rating of 3, so it reduces bounce by up to 50%. In the new season collection there is some new colours that have been added to the range, which I know everyone will love just as much as I do! Berlei are also launching the new Shift sports bra, which has been designed with vibrant colours, for a fun and supportive workout. The halter strap on this bra offers additional support (and looks great!) and the adjustable wide straps help to minimize bounce – the perfect option for those who like a contoured sports bra!

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