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Wellbeing Finds

As the holiday season winds down and life returns to routines, embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle to keep you smiling and fighting fit all year long. Take your cue from our wellbeing finds; insightful and inspirational ideas to help you take care of yourself with clever ways to cleanse, create, cook and clean. We’re talking everything from the functional to the wonderful.

wellbeing finds feature image


VS Sassoon Pro Straightener
Embrace silkier, smoother hair and never the leave the house feeling unfinished with VS Sassoon’s ceramic pro straightener. Whether you’re straightening or curling your locks, frizzy hair will become but a distant unpleasant memory.

Oscar Cold Press Juicer
Ditch the overpriced juices from the health store and start making your own fresh juices using this Oscar Cold Press Juicer. Try a citrus hit of orange, lemon and lime for something fresh and zesty to wake you up in the morning. If you’re feeling a little fluey, sprinkle in some cayenne pepper for an extra zing.


Le Creuset Square Grill
Instantly improve your diet by cutting back excess fats and oils with this sturdy cast iron square grill from Le Creuset. Perfect for all red meats, poultry and seafood, we love to use it for a quick and healthy mid week dinner like grilled salmon with lemon and asparagus.

Lifetrak Activity Tracker
Ever wondered how much (or how few) calories you’ve burnt in a day? Well the Lifetrak activity tracker can tell you! Simply wear in place of a watch to monitor your heart rate, steps taken and even distance travelled. With the display available at any time, you don’t have to sync to see your progress. No frills, just results!

A must have for anyone who struggles drinking regular water but loves their soda or mineral water, the Sodastream Source machine allows you to simply and easily turn your everyday tap water into delicious sparkling water. Plus with a range of sugar free flavour capsules available, you can now make your own fizzy drinks at home without the extra cost and without the guilt!


Philips Wet & Dry Shaver
For the fellas who like to keep a close shave, this slick new shaver from Philips can be used both in and out of the shower, allowing for a quick trim even when you’re on the run. Now there’s no excuse for a five o’clock shadow!

Cuisineart Ice Cream Maker
Sometimes looking after yourself calls for a little TLC and a big bowl of ice cream, so why not make your own? From vanilla bean and caramel to mango and raspberry, the flavour combinations are endless, allowing for plenty of experimentation and taste testing, obviously!

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