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This Autumn Winter, by johnny has your sartorial colour options sorted. Inspired by a strict colour code that evolves with the weather, this collection explores light and shape through clean lines, draped fabric and strong structural elements. We sat down with Johnny Schembri to find out what this season’s collection, titled ‘WBPRYB’, is all about.

johnny schembri

Myer: Where did you take your inspiration from this season?
Johnny Schembri: For AW15 I wanted to create a colour code for the season. I started with building the collection around a strong and simple colour palette of black, white, pink, red, yellow and blue, so this Autumn Winter starts off with contrasting black, white and a muted pink. As we move into the colder months, the collection becomes brighter with primary flashes of red, yellow and blue.

M: What are the core elements of your brand?
JS: by johnny is inspired by design concepts from past and present, reworking traditional silhouettes and creating collections for the individual who appreciates effortless style with a unique, modern design edge.

M: What themes and techniques have you featured this season?
Draping – I’m looking at designing new ways to create shape and movement with the fabric. I’m also using print as a way to break up the body in interesting proportions and finally, clean and simple lines and shapes that flatter the female body.

M: If you had to choose just one, which item would you select as your must-have piece from your collection?
The Over Swing Skirt in ivory or black – loving a dramatic full skirt this season!

M: Who is your muse and why do you love their style?
JS: The Hadid sisters Gigi and Bella. They both have unique style and are individual.

M: What you are in love with at the moment?
JS: In terms of fashion – long skirts and flat shoes. Apart from that, I’m listening to a lot of Sam Smith on Soundcloud and I am in love with New York!

M: Sartorially speaking, what does winter mean to you?
Winter is a time to layer up and play with texture – white on white on white or black on black on black. I also think winter is a good time to have strong moments of colour.

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