The Denim Commandments

The Denim Commandments

When it comes to denim, just about anything goes! To help make sure you get your denim right this season, here are our Denim Commandments – your guide to purchasing, caring for and even styling your denim.

The Denim Commandments

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1. Pick the right style for your shape.
With so many different styles available, it’s good to know what look you’re after and what complements your figure. Consider different rises, colours, leg lengths and fits to determine which pair is best for you.

2. Try on more than one pair.
Finding jeans that fit perfectly is the Holy Grail of fashion for both women and men, so make sure you take your time when shopping for a new pair and try on a few different brands and styles as even the smallest variation in cut or fabrication can make a huge difference to how a denim style fits. Also, don’t be afraid to try a style you’ve never worn before, like this season’s flared style; you might just surprise yourself!

3. Check the fabric blend.
When buying new jeans, always check the tag to see what the fabrication blend is, as the elastane and cotton content will be a good indicator as to how much your jeans will give or stretch. A higher elastane content (anything above 3-4%) will usually mean the style will soften and give more so it’s important to ensure they fit snugly when you buy them.

4. Read the care tags.
With so many denim brands these days, to get the best out of your new denim, make sure you read the care tags and follow the instructions when washing and caring for your new piece. Failure to do so could result in shrinking, over fading and general denim disasters. So avoid this by ensuring you always look after and treat your denim with some TLC!

5. Don’t over-wash your jeans.
Denim fades with every wash, so try to avoid washing your jeans as much as possible. To keep them fresh in between wears, fold them up in a plastic bag and leave in the freezer overnight. Sounds odd, but the cold helps to keep them smelling fresh.

6. Wash denim in cold water.
While you should avoid over-washing your jeans, when you do actually wash them, turn them inside out and always wash in cold water – this will help the colour last longer. Don’t tumble dry your jeans either, as this is known to shrink denim down by nearly one size.

7. Try double denim.
The key to nailing double denim is ensuring you wear different shades or washes on the top and bottom. Try a light chambray denim shirt with regular vintage blue style jeans, or a blue denim jacket with black jeans and a tee. Stick to this simple rule and you can’t go wrong with the denim double-up.

8. Avoid denim accessories.
Denim is great in a jacket, brilliant in a skirt but not ideal in accessories. Keep your approach to denim simple and avoid denim bags, cuffs and hats to ensure your look remains modern.

9. Own more than one pair.
A good pair of traditional blue jeans is your denim staple item (they form part of any great capsule wardrobe), but with so many great colours and styles available these days, having more than one pair of jeans is a smart option. Consider adding a skinny black jean and even a relaxed fit or boyfriend style – both of which will help to instantly update your wardrobe.

10. Style it your way.
Denim is a staple that works for everyone, so make sure you style your denim in a way that’s true to you. Whether you cuff your jeans, rip them up or layer them under tunics, have fun with them! They’re the one thing you can definitely keep on high rotation all year round.

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