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5 Minutes with Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox Blog

Fresh off the back of our Autumn Winter 2015 Fashion Launch, we caught up with our friend Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox Blog for five minutes to chat about the show and get her trend advice for the coming season.

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Amanda wears Ellery top & skirt available in selected stores.

Myer: What was your favourite look from our Autumn Winter Fashion Launch?
Amanda Shadforth:
The white look from Ellery was incredible, I loved that crisp white on white. I’m quite monochromatic in the way I dress so this is something that I would definitely wear and get a lot of use out of as well.

M: What’s your number one styling tip?
I always like to invest in a really great handbag or pair of shoes – you can transform an outfit with the addition of one or both of these pieces. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on finding signature pieces that suit your style and make you feel good.

M: Are you looking forward to any particular trend this season?
I’m excited that winter is just around the corner as it’s a really good excuse to rug up, layer and experiment with different silhouettes. I’m a bit of a fan of wide leg trousers – the shift towards the 70’s is going to be fun this season and great to play around with when it comes to styling.

M: Can you share one of your tips for creating a beautiful Instagram account?
Consistency is really important; if you frame your images make sure to keep the frame constant in every image or make sure to keep a pattern to create a nice flow. Consistency with filters is also key, and my favourite apps are Afterlight and Vscocam. You don’t necessarily need to use the filters at full capacity either – pull them back to only two or three notches to get a colour treatment that is subtle and really beautiful.

M: Which designers are you loving this season?
I am loving all of the beautiful structured pieces from Toni Maticevski – Toni has such a magical way of dressing women. I love that you can have a minimal style or be more feminine and there is always something in his collection to suit.

M: What’s your guilty pleasure?
Sunday morning sleep-ins because they are very, very rare, and I can never say no to a piece of Lindt Peppermint Chocolate… or two.

M: If you had to, would you wear black or white?
White for Summer and black for Winter.

M: What apps can’t you live without?
Instagram… it goes without saying. I also love the app and Mypics – I have thousands of photos on my iPhone and it helps me to keep everything organised for easy posting and referencing.

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