Cheese wine platter mYER

The Cheese & Wine Match-maker

Cheese and wine your guilty pleasure? Match the two like a pro with our handy guide.

Cheese wine platter mYER

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Prosecco & Gorgonzola Dolce
While a blue cheese is not everyone’s cup of tea, we love that the clean, dry bubbles and simple flavour of Italy’s answer to Champagne work to balance Gorgonzola’s distinctive bite and its creamy, unctuous and slightly salty character. We recommend that you drink this wine from a Krosno Flair champagne flute, which is the ideal lightweight glass for a delicious and delicate Prosecco.

Rosé & Buffalo Mozzarella
Nothing beats a beautiful Italian Caprese salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella, but this cheese is also a great one to try on your next cheeseboard thanks to its mild and subtle flavours. Try a pale, dry Rosé to support the mild flavour and smooth, creamy texture of a fresh Buffalo mozzarella. Be sure to use a Krosno Vinoteca Sauvignon Blanc wine glass and sit back and enjoy the delicious creamy tastes with a light cracker. Heaven!

Chardonnay & Brie
One of our all time favourite cheeses for it’s full-flavoured, creamy and slightly sweet flavours; Brie goes with Chardonnay’s typically big, fruity flavours perfectly. We recommend you drink your Chardonnay from the Plumm WHITEb+ glass, add a few green grapes on the side and maybe get more than one piece of Brie, as it tends to be a crowd favourite and disappear pretty quickly.

Pinot Noir & Époisses
Soft, creamy and pungently aromatic, Époisses’ bark is worse than its bite. Although it’s typically drunk with a sweet fortified white, the soft, rich full flavour of a good Pinot Noir compliments Époisses’ wild side. A good Pinot Noir is best drunk from the Plumm REDb+ glass and on a cold rainy autumn afternoon, we can’t think of anything better than settling in on the couch with these two.

Sangiovese & Parmigiano-Reggiano
Surprisingly, Parmigiano is not just for adding to your pasta, but is also a wonderful cheese to have on a cheeseboard and Sangiovese’s trademark savoury flavours, fresh acidity and dry earthy tannins are the perfect foil for the hard and salty character of a good aged Parmigiano. We think Sangiovese tastes best from the Plumm RED+ glass and recommend some crackers and even a side of quince paste to complement the sharpness of the Parmigiano.

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