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Sharp Thinking with Kylie Kwong

Any good chef will tell you the about the importance of having the right equipment in the kitchen and Füri Brand Ambassador Kylie Kwong firmly believes a set of good quality knives are one of the most important tools. Here’s her selection of knives that will completely change the way you cook and prepare your food.

Kylie Kwong Furi Knives

FÜRI PRO 7 piece stainless steel knife block

Cook’s Knife
No kitchen is complete without a good cook’s knife. The workhouse in most restaurants, this knife is the chef’s classic choice for everything from chopping and cutting meats to making light work of even the heaviest of vegetables.
East/West™ Santoku Knife 13cm
With it’s short but wide blade, this knife is a combination of Eastern and Western styles. The blade features scalloped indentations that form air pockets helping food slice off more easily and making slicing quicker and simpler.
Carving Knife 20cm
The 20cm length makes it perfect for carving roast meats, ham, turkey and chicken. Avoid sawing back and forth and instead use one steady slice for clean cuts that will ensure your roasts are served all the more beautifully.


Serrated Multi-Purpose Knife 15cm
The serrated multi-purpose knife is a highly versatile, medium sized knife that can be used on virtually anything in the kitchen. It’s definitely a staple knife that belongs in every kitchen.
Paring Knife 9cm
Perfect for all those intricate cutting tasks – like trimming, peeling, coring and slicing – the short blade also makes it ideal for creating delicate artwork or interesting flourishes.
Bread Knife 20cm
Ideal for crusty loaves, the FURI bread knife features scalloped serrations for a smoother cut so you won’t tear your bread. Enjoy slicing your own loaf at home to the thickness you like with this knife.



Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener
Quicker and much easier to use than a conventional steel sharpener, simply swipe your blades through the diamond coated fingers 2-6 times to keep your knives super sharp.

Füri knives are available in selected stores. Shop all knives and knife blocks online here.

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