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Autumn Racing: The Buyer’s Tips for Men

We often think that men have it easy when it comes to race day dressing, but according to our Men’s Formal Wear Buyer Matt Wagner-Smith, to really stand out from the crowd you have to focus on the details and by putting in just a little extra effort, you can really win in the style stakes! We asked him to take us through what men need to consider when accessorising their Autumn Racing look.

Matt Wagner Smith

The tie should be seen as the centrepiece of your outfit – it’s the item that says the most about you and your personality. Getting the right tie to complement your suit and shirt combination is really important as it pretty much guarantees you’ll make a great first impression! To avoid a tie disaster, take some time to try a on a few different styles to see how they look and ensure you get the tie right for your height and build – nothing too short and nothing to long. The tip of your tie should just touch the top of your belt buckle.

Style-wise there are a lot of ties to choose from, including skinny, wide, silk and even textured fabric styles, but to be on trend this season opt for thinner ties in thicker fabrics such as cotton and wool blends. Try greens, blues and burgundy this season – deep rich tones are preferable.

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Tie Bars & Cufflinks
I wear a tie bar every day as I like the practical aspect of it holding my tie in place (especially in the very windy Melbourne Docklands precinct!) but it also adds a touch of class to your outfit. I recommend a small tie bar for the thin ties and then a larger one for the more classic look.

Cufflinks and French cuff (double cuff) shirts are definitely few and far between these days, but when worn well this combination can really look the business and add sophistication to your look. Cufflinks come in all shapes and sizes, from classic square or round to novelty shapes and designs which can be a great way to show your personality with something a little different and interesting.

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Most people think socks are pretty straightforward and tend to wear black or navy with everything and while there’s nothing wrong with this, if there was ever a time to have fun with your socks, it’s at the races. Embrace bright fun socks and even try subtly matching the prints or colours back to your shirt and tie colour combinations, as this will really finish your outfit off neatly while also adding some personality to your look. Try a few colours, mix and match, find a pair that says something about who you are… then buy them in every colour!


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Pocket Squares
A highly underrated men’s accessory, the pocket square is not just for black tie, weddings and formal events but could easily be worn everyday and is definitely a good option for the races. To choose the right pocket square for your look, simply find a colour in your tie and match it up with a colour in a pocket square. Don’t stress about how to wear it – there are many ways to do it so try a few different folds and see what works best for you. Just make sure you try and keep it flat so your pocket isn’t bulging!

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