6 Steps to a Perfect Autumn Manicure

Keeping your nails in good condition and looking perfectly polished can be a bit of task, even for the most nail-savvy! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide for a home manicure to rival even the best mani-pedi salons.

DIY Manicure Myer

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1. File
Start by shaping your nails with a good file. Ensure any old polish has been completely removed, then take a nail file and gently work over the tip of the nail to smooth out any broken or chipped edges. For a square edge, work the file back and forth horizontally and for a curved tip file the nail in a more rounded motion. Tip: This season, the round and slightly pointed nail is making a comeback, so if your nails are long enough give this shape a try.

Next, use a buffer block to smooth out the surface of the nail by starting with the rough side and finishing with the smoothest side which will give your nails a clean buff and shine, leaving them perfectly prepped for your nail polish application.

3. Moisturise
Once you’re happy with the shape and surface of your nails, give your hands a quick wash and then use a really good hand cream to nourish and moisturise your hands and nails. Give your nails a quick once over with some nail polish remover to remove any cream from the naill before applying polish. Tip: For beautifully soft hands all year round, keep your hand cream in your bag and apply 1-2 times per day and before you go to bed.

4. Base
Now for the all important base coat. Like painting a wall, applying a base coat to your nails will help ensure your polish not only lasts longer but also looks smoother. Apply an even single coat to each nail and then leave to dry.

5. Paint
Once the base coat has completely set and you’ve picked your colour (which tends to be the hardest part, with so many colours to choose from!) shake the bottle to ensure the polish is well mixed, then carefully apply a single coat to each nail. Start the brush at the base of the nail and sweep up and over the tip, being careful to keep a fairly straight line. Once the first coat is touch dry, repeat the same process and apply a second coat. This will ensure you get full coverage and a more solid colour on your nail. Tip: For perfectly race ready nails this season we recommend going for autumnal tones – think rust, gold, chocolate browns and deep reds.

6. Correct
If, like us, you find you’re painting skills still need a little work and you’ve gone outside the lines, never fear! Simply use the O.P.I correct & clean up pen to remove any unwanted colour from the cuticles around the nail. Simply dab the applicator along the cuticles and then wipe clean with a tissue and voila! You now have beautifully polished nails and smooth hydrated hands.


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