Original Barbie Myer

Celebrating the re-release of the Original Barbie

There are very few female icons more well known and loved than Barbie. One of only a handful of toys that transcends generations, Barbie has become one of the world’s most recognised and popular children’s toys, and after 56 years the team at Mattel are re-releasing their first ever original Barbie doll – the 1959 Black & White Swimsuit Doll.

Original Barbie Myer

Barbie’s debut in 1959 saw her don her now-famous black-and-white bathing suit with stylish open-toed shoes, too-cool shades and golden hoop earrings. Mirroring the sophisticated glamour of 1950s stars like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor, Barbie had high arched brows, pursed red lips, a sassy pony tail with curly bangs and a coy, sideways glance. Even her figure was high fashion and model-esque, with pale, ivory skin, long slim legs and a narrow waist and hips. Barbie, though well known for her blonde locks,was sold as both a brunette and blonde.

She may be just under a foot tall, but Barbie is big in the fashion community. Barbie boasts five decades of fashion heritage and has worked with more fashion designers than any other brand in the world, including Oscar de la Renta and Christian Louboutin. She’s also been the inspiration for a M.A.C Cosmetics collection, “Barbie™ Loves M.A.C”.

To celebrate the re-release of the first ever Barbie, 500 lucky Myer customers around the country will be able to purchase the Original Doll at the original price of $3 this Saturday 11 April! There are 100 $3 dolls being sold at five participating stores (Myer Melbourne, Myer Sydney City, Myer Adelaide City, Myer Perth City and Myer Brisbane City), so don’t miss your chance to snap up this collectors’ item at the original price! Click here to view the trading hours at your nearest store.

Once the 500 dolls at $3 sell out, customers will be able to purchase the Original Barbie for $44.95.

Original Myer Barbie

fast facts about barbie®

Barbie® doll’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts

She is from (fictional) Willows, Wisconsin where she attended High School

Barbie® doll’s official birthday is March 9, 1959 – the exact date she was unveiled to the toy industry during New York Toy Fair

Barbie® doll’s first pet was a horse named Dancer

Barbie® doll’s signature color is Barbie™ Pink (PMS 219)

Barbie® doll stands 11.5 inches tall

The best-selling Barbie® doll ever was 1992 Totally Hair™ doll, with hair from the top of her head to her toes

The Holiday Barbie™ Doll continues to be the number one selling Barbie® doll year after year.

Barbie® doll has had 150+ inspirational careers

Barbie® recently announced she will be celebrating women in business with her new role as entrepreneur

Barbie® first broke through the plastic ceiling as a business executive in 1985

Barbie® traveled into space in 1965, four years before man walked on the moon

Although she has never won an election, Barbie® has run for president 6 times since 1992

Barbie® has been a muse to many artists over the past 5+ decades – including Andy Warhol and Peter Max

11 thoughts on “Celebrating the re-release of the Original Barbie

  1. “being sold at each of our capital city stores” last time i checked, Hobart was a state capital so why are we not on that list?
    It’s not a rhetorical question, can you please explain why not.

    • Hi there, thanks for your message!

      We incorrectly wrote in our blog post that 500 $3 Original Barbie dolls were being sold at “capital city stores”, when in actual fact they are being sold at five participating stores around the country (Myer Melbourne, Myer Sydney City, Myer Adelaide City, Myer Perth City and Myer Brisbane City), and we’ve since updated our post to reflect that.

      The Original Barbie is available to purchase online right now at http://bit.ly/1NZrE6j. We’re very sorry for the confusion and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. What’s wrong with the nation’s capital Canberra having the dolls at the store…..we don’t get the opportunity to get one of these icons.

    • Hi there Carol, thanks for your comment.

      We incorrectly stated that the Original Dolls at the Original Price would be available at our “capital city stores”, when in actual fact they will be available at five participating stores. We’ve updated our blog post to reflect this, and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      These iconic dolls are available to purchase online now at http://bit.ly/1NZrE6j – happy shopping!!

  3. Grew up loving Barbie and Ken so much I end up collecting the limited edition ones from different countries 🙂 and pass on to my daughter now ^_^

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