Kate Sylvester MBFWA Myer 2015

Kate Sylvester’s Romeo & Juliet

Kate Sylvester’s conceptual collections always embody intelligence, witty irreverence, sophistication and modern femininity. She consistently presents unpredictable, quirky but always couture-inspired pieces that women want to wear everyday. The New Zealand-based designer is currently preparing for her show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and took some time out of her busy schedule to have a chat with us about her new collection.

Kate Sylvester MBFWA Myer 2015

Myer: Tell us a little about the inspiration behind this collection?
Kate Sylvester: Its a roller coaster of rediscovery for the world’s most famous love story, Romeo and Juliet. It embodies everything I love; star-crossed lovers, history, high emotion and underlying sexual tension.

KS: Who is the girl you had in mind when casting your show?
M: She is both Romeo and Juliet in one. She wears billowy white dresses and sharp suiting. She is masculinely disheveled, whilst also being achingly feminine.

M: How have you worked with or integrated prints in this collection?
KS: I love Baz Lurhman’s Romeo and Juliet, especially Leonardo DeCaprio in all his glory. I updated his iconic floral print shirt and have also drawn inspiration from lattice fencing and worked it into a fresh abstract print.

M: Trend-wise, what can we expect to see in this collection?
KS: Homage paid to the 1970’s with billowy, crumpled nighties in silk muslin.

M: What is the must have piece form this collection?
KS: The leonardo shirt paired with buttery soft leatherette!

We’re off to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia!
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Kate Sylvester MBFWA Myer 2015

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