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Preparing for Fashion Week with Toni Maticevski

After debuting his first collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sydney in 2002, Toni Maticevski has gone from strength to strength, earning respect as one of Australia’s most talented and successful fashion designers. Fast-forward 13 years and things no different. Known for his stunning textures and voluptuous volumes, we sat down with the Melbourne designer to get the scoop on the creative process behind preparing for his new collection.

maticevski myer

Myer: Tell us a little bit about your creative process and design:
Toni Maticevski: It changes all the time. It really depends on timing and a feeling. Sometimes it’s directed by ideas in my head and sketching, sometimes it’s directed by fabric choices and then sometimes it’s about actually playing on a body and just letting things evolve and happen.

M: How and where do you find inspiration?
I really don’t think of inspiration anymore. Who has time to sit and ponder ideas and put a board together…? What am I, in high school? Haha. No, really, its about one idea stemming into another and another and watching it branch. It’s really organic and based off making clothes that inspire women to dress differently.

M: Looking back to your earlier shows in the mid 2000s, how has your approach and brand evolved?
TM: The approach to design hasn’t changed much. I think it’s just more focused now and the message is clearer.

M: When casting for your show, what do you look for in your models?
TM: It really is about finding the right personality for each look and giving every look something that someone can relate to.

M: Tell us about the collection as a whole:
There are so many layers to it and so many things for people to discover. Different textures and volumes, mixing up the silhouettes and really about being able to move from dressy-casual with as little as a change of a shoe. It has been a challenge but fun to explore this idea of building on pieces that can be staples in a woman’s wardrobe.

M: What new techniques or direction have you explored?
I have played with draping and asymmetry more this season, boxy versus fitted shapes, A-line volumes and tucking abstract lines to create shapes that move in and out of the body.

M: What is your design pinnacle piece from the collection?
TM: There are a few for different reasons. I love the full skirt with elasticated band on the hip – it’s feels modern and classic at once, dressy and relaxed, elegant and supple. I also love the backless tops that are a great layering style over nearly everything. Lots of fun to play with!

maticevski myer

maticevski myer

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