wardrobe 101 for mums

Wardrobe 101 for Mums

One of our favourite writers, Dijanna Mulhearn, has once again come to the rescue of women with wardrobe conundrums (read: all women) and this time she has lent her perfectly-styled helping hand to mums. Her new book, Wardrobe 101 for Mums, is the wardrobe-perfecting bible that all mums should have and Dijanna was kind enough to tell us all about the fashion challenges she faced as a mum and how she overcame them to maintain her perfect style!

wardrobe 101 for mums

As if being a new mum isn’t tough enough, mustering the energy or inclination to worry about what to wear quickly becomes a low priority and many are aghast to find themselves still in their pyjamas at midday! In my case, my inner-city attire no longer felt right or relevant but I was loathe to ditch a wardrobe of clothing that took considerable time and money to create. I had to rethink my wardrobe, get creative with my clothes and make sure my new purchases were both practical and stylish.

For me, the best way to avoid outfit brain strain is to choose a couple of signature looks and stick to them. There is the foolproof ‘jeans, tee shirt and blazer mum’ for errands and impromptu catch ups, the easy glam of a comfortable print maxi dress for camouflaging any spills and the street smart layered look of tailored pants, soft shirt or knit, trench coat and sporty shoes for an unexpected yet chic go-anywhere option that suits most outings.

There are days when the cozy comfort of tracksuit pants is impossible to resist, however shapeless clothes look sloppy and add the illusion of extra weight so reign them in with more tailored pieces. It’s amazing what a simple structured jacket will do and quality shoes are never to be ignored. Fun flats, whether ballet flats, penny loafers, boots or sneakers with street cred, are the starting point for my day-wear outfits and I work my look up from there.

Feeling good is as imperative as looking good so texture is all important. I now crave more luxurious fabrics, substituting track style pants with a similar shape in a silky fabric or even leather. I invest in sumptuous jumpers that feel like a gentle hug in colours that are on trend and collect fun graphic tee shirts that make my son smile. Bloated moments are secured by sturdy yet smart mid rise denim pieces or eternally chic tailored pants. And days when I yearn for lighter weight fabrics see me in soft knit dresses or silky smooth pieces nestled underneath a fuller trench style jacket, always with a striking or quirky pair of flat shoes.

Turning my look from professional to maternal seemed disastrous yet it was a blessing in disguise. Through the fabulous craziness of motherhood I have mastered off-duty dressing and feel like I may never look back!

– Dijanna x

wardrobe 101 for mums

dijanna’s top 5 tips from wardrobe 101 for mums:

  1. Choose a few key looks you can rely on.
  2. Spoil yourself with quality basics like a great leather jacket, an amazing pair of jeans, fine jersey long sleeve tee shirts and some great flat shoes.
  3. Don’t skimp on accessories. A fantastic patterned oversized scarf has a million and one uses and carrying a bag you love will always lift your game.
  4. Combine structured pieces with casual ones for a clever look.
  5. Don’t save your favourite pieces for special occasions, you’re a mum now, what could be more special than that!

Dijanna’s book Wardrobe 101 for Mums is the perfect gift idea for Mothers Day and is available online here.

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