Liz Kelsh Makeup myer

Liz Kelsh’s 5 Minute Fresh-Faced Beauty Look

With everything that needs to be packed into an average morning (getting ready for work, organising lunches, the school drop-off…), we’re always on the look-out for tips and tricks to save time. One way to save precious minutes is by nailing a quick, everyday beauty routine, so we caught up with makeup master Liz Kelsh who took us through a 5 minute makeup look that anyone can do!

Liz Kelsh Makeup myer

Step 1. Start with a freshly cleansed face before applying eye cream under the eyes. Massage some moisturiser into the skin to help improve your skin’s luminosity.

Step 2. Cream eyeshadows are great for everyday wear as they’re super speedy to apply and really long lasting too. Go for a mink or slate grey colour and using your middle finger, apply to the eyelid from the lash line up to the crease and then blend using a long haired blending brush. Leave to dry and set.

Step 3. Next is your foundation. Starting in the t-zone, blend your foundation out over the face to the hairline and add a little translucent powder to the t-zone or anywhere else you tend to shine. Add a little cream blush to the apples of the cheeks to give your skin that beautiful ‘lit from within look’.

Step 4. Now back to the eyes. With a well sharpened soft black pencil, draw a line into the upper lash line keeping as close to the lash line as possible.  If the line looks too obvious smudge it gently with a brush or cotton tip.

Step 5. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara to upper and lower lashes.

Step 6. Add highlighter to cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and lips.

Step 7. Brush and pencil in brows

Step 8. Last but not least add a tinted lip conditioner or lip balm to freshen up your lips and you are out the door!

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Liz Kelsh Makeup myer

For more beauty tips, check out Liz’s latest book, Makeup by Liz Kelsh which is available now in-store and online.

4 thoughts on “Liz Kelsh’s 5 Minute Fresh-Faced Beauty Look

  1. I would like you to recomend the best coverage for the older skin. I need a good cover as older Used to use Lancome maci matte no 4 but discontinued And tried ther other products but not the same. I am open to to another named product . What might you recomend.

    • Hi Sheila, we have a number of brands such as Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique with a foundation that we think you might like. We also recommend booking an appointment with one of our beauty consultants at your nearest store, as they will be able to help you find the right foundation for your skin. Let us know if you need the contact details for any of these counters at your nearest store. Have a lovely afternoon.

  2. I have a total alcohol allergy which extends to skin care and makeup. I am really keen to find a moisturiser with SPF that is alcohol free, if that exists. I can’t use products with ANY alcohol and that includes the fatty alcohols. It would be wonderful if you could assist.

    • Hi Trish, we’ve checked in with some of our suppliers and it looks like a brand called Simplicite might have some products for you without alcohol. They have recommended their Damask Rose Day cream or their Oil Controlled Day cream. This brand is available in the Personal Care department and if you are unsure about anything, just ask one of our team members for assistance. Thanks for your patience and have a lovely weekend.

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