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How To: Men’s Socks

When it comes to menswear, it’s the little things that can make or break your look. While only a very small detail, the choice of sock can really speak volumes about the wearer, so we’ve pulled together our top five tips for making the perfect sock selection this winter!

1. Consider your entire outfit.
When deciding what socks to wear, the first thing to consider is the rest of your outfit. Think about the other colours, prints and textures you already have going on in your suit, shirt and tie, then make sure your socks complement these elements of your outfit and don’t clash. Try and match your socks to colours and tones rather than to prints to avoid your looking becoming too calculated.

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2. Formal occasions call for a formal sock.
As much as you might enjoy a coloured or printed sock, formal occasions such weddings, funerals and black tie events tend to have a tighter dress code which requires a plain black sock. Make sure your socks are in really good condition (read: nothing worn or balling and no holes) and go with a simple style that’s not too thick.

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3. If in doubt, go tonal.
If you find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to colour and print choices, a good safe option is always a subtle textured style that matches back with the rest of your look. For example, a blue suit worn with a pale blue shirt will look great with a deep navy coloured sock. It might sound safe, but it still looks great and will add polish to your look.

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4. Say no to novelty socks.
While socks with your favourite cartoon character or a funny quote might seem like a good idea, sartorially they’re likely to lower the tone of your look. Yes, humour is a great trait to have, but communicate it through your vivacious personality and funny jokes, not through low-brow or childlike socks! When choosing a sock, know that it’s a great way to add a little fun and personality to your look but don’t be tempted to overdo it; just keep it simple and pared back.

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5. Length matters.
The number one fail you can make with any sock is getting the length wrong. Always ensure that your sock is long enough so that when you sit down, no skin can be seen between the end of your trouser and the top of your sock. This instantly rules out sports socks, which should obviously only be worn when playing sport or working out!

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  1. These five tips are very wonderful to provide knowledge that how to match our socks with our dresses to get attractive look. I have too much liked the red and black color pattern. It looks too unique. I have never tried because I have thought before that red and black color combo of pant and socks looks like a children’s dressing sense but after seeing the given pick my opinion about this have totally changed. Now I will definitely wear red socks with black pant.

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