What to wear in the wet Myer

What to Wear in the Wet

When it comes to dressing for the weather, being prepared for the rain while still looking chic can be quite a challenge! No matter how rugged up you are in your knit, scarf, boots and gloves, wet weather can spell disaster for even the warmest winter outfits. Here’s what you need to have handy when the forecast is for rain, rain and more rain…

What to wear in the wet Myer

SHELTA Spot umbrella | HUNTER Original Tall Navy boot | KENZO Tote | DESIGN STUDIO Trench Coat

This might seem obvious, but a good quality umbrella should be at the top of your winter shopping list. No one wants to be that poor girl, struggling down the street in the rain with her umbrella turned inside out – it’s neither a good experience nor a good look! Get yourself a good, sturdy brolly and don’t be afraid to go for something in a fun print or bold colour to brighten those gloomy days.

Gumboots have always been a fail-safe footwear option when the forecast is for rain, but they haven’t always been the most stylish choice… until now. Thanks to brands like Hunter, you’ll find a range of chic gumboots (tall, short and even ankle length) that will work back nicely with just about any of your looks. Need to dodge puddles on your way to work? Leave your heels at your desk and pull on the gumboots for the trips to and from the office.

The Right Bag
A bag that’s rain resistant is a great little back-up to have in winter, particularly if you commute to and from work. Find something in a fairly waterproof fabric like nylon or canvas to avoid any bag disasters, and don’t be tempted to risk using anything you have that’s suede (you’ll thank us). Like gumboots, there are some great designs available now and a zip-up tote style is always going to be a winner in the wet.

A Rain Resistant Coat
Finding a stylish rain-resistant coat that doesn’t make you look like you’re headed off on a week-long trek is not that easy. The trick is finding something made from the right fabric that will help repel water, and for that we recommend a good quality trench coat. Aside from being an eternal classic, a good trench coat should be made of heavy-duty cotton which well help keep the layers underneath nice and dry in moderate rain.

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