Lauren Phillips Myer Ambassador

Get the Beauty Look: Lauren Phillips at the 2015 Myer Precious Metal Ball

Need a sultry new look for your next cocktail event? Break the rules and pair a bold red lip with a smokey eye.

Lauren Phillips Myer Ambassador

1. The Base

Start by cleansing and moisturising your face, then apply your primer. Using a foundation brush, evenly apply a matte foundation to the skin and cover any blemishes and dark under-eye circles with a touch of concealer. Set the foundation with a lightweight loose powder – this will ensure your foundation lasts and doesn’t shift throughout the evening. Use a natural coloured blush on the cheeks and then prep your lips with a moisturising lip balm.

2. The Eyes

Select a matte light brown eye colour and sweep over the bottom half of the eyelid using a flat eyeshadow brush, blending up and out as you go. Blend a deeper shade of brown through the outer corner of the eyelid in a C shape with a soft blending brush. Using the same colour, brush under the eye (staying close to the lower lash line) to create a smokey effect. Line the inner rim and top lash line of the eye with a black or deep brown eye pencil to create depth and definition. Finish with a good two coats of your favourite mascara, curling the lashes first if necessary, and don’t forget to define your brows – we recommend a natural coloured brow mascara.

3. The Lips

Select a deep red lip liner that matches or is one shade darker than your red lipstick and outline the lips, taking care to ensure each side is even. Don’t be afraid to use the pencil to colour in the lip slightly as this will help to hold your lipstick on that little bit longer. Gently apply your lipstick, being sure to stay inside the lip line and just like that you’re red carpet ready!

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