Gigi Hadid Myer Seafolly

5 Minutes with the Face of Seafolly, Gigi Hadid

It’s been a big year for model Gigi Hadid, walking the fashion week runways in New York and Paris, landing the cover of Vogue Australia in June, and now being named the new face of one of our all-time favourite swimwear labels, Seafolly. With 4.9 million Instagram followers (and counting), it seems that for Gigi, the only way is up…

Seafolly Gigi Hadid Myer

Myer: How does it feel to be named the new face of Seafolly?
Gigi Hadid: Being the new face of Seafolly is amazing because I get to represent a brand that I’m truly a fan of – I love Seafolly suits! Besides that, I love being able to work with an Australian brand because it gives me a chance to connect with Australian fans. Hopefully I’ll be visiting again soon!

M: What do you like about the brand?
GH: I love that they make every kind of bikini so well. There are a lot of bikini brands that make one style well and then just change the colours and patterns. Seafolly has anything you’re looking for.

M: Why do you think you’re a good fit?
GH: I think I’m good fit because I grew up in the easygoing beach lifestyle that Seafolly as an Australian brand represents, but I also get the fashion-forward side of it. What was important for Seafolly when choosing me was that I represent a healthy body image and a relatable and fun personality, which is what Seafolly fans can easily relate to.

M: What do you look for in a swimsuit? Describe your process for how you determine if it looks “right.”
GH: I think everyone needs to find the bikini shape that makes them feel best. So first, I look for a bikini shape that makes me feel confident, and then I always go for a bright colour because it enhances a tan!

M: You had an incredible year career-wise in 2014 – what’s in store for 2015?
GH: It’s half way through 2015 and already more has happened than I could have dreamed of. I have a lot of amazing things in store and I’m so excited to be able to share them with everyone!

M: The most beautiful place in the world you’ve been to so far?
GH: Bora Bora, Tahiti

Gigi Hadid Myer Seafolly

M: What do you do to relax when you’re not busy working?
GH: I love being with friends, finding new restaurants, taking naps, watching TV… everything everyone wants to do when they’re not working!

M: Which model do you look to for inspiration?
GH: Lily Aldridge is a great friend of mine and one of the kindest people I know, so I really look up to her. She reminds me to stay kind and humble regardless of your success level.

M: What is your go-to hair product?
GH: GHD hot tools.

M: Your ultimate wardrobe essential?
GH: A perfect fitting pair of jeans.

M: What’s your daily diet?
GH: Eat clean to stay fit; have a cheat day to stay sane!

M: If you could meet anybody, who would it be and why?
GH: Beyonce, because I’m so inspired by her power and confidence.

M: What are your exercise routines like?
GH: I box at Gotham Gym with Rob Piela every day when I am not working. That is usually a one hour session, unless I go a bit harder for a special shoot or show.

M: How do you describe your style?
GH: I always say casual chic, but I guess the way I describe it is like mixing highs and lows and mixing simple pieces with one of a kind pieces that I love. It’s usually jeans and t-shirt with sneakers and a cool coat or bag.

Gigi Hadid Myer Seafolly

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