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Introducing: The Finders

We’ve collaborated with Australia’s leading style influencers who have caught our eye and are making a splash globally. This season they’ll be showing us their unique take on the trends for Spring. It’s time to get to know the Finders…

Amanda Sahdforth Oraclefox Myer

Amanda Shadforth is the powerhouse behind fashion and style journal Oracle Fox. The contemporary artist, photographer and stylist is highly regarded for her style acumen and beautiful illustrations, which has led to collaborations with some of the world’s most iconic fashion houses.

Myer: Tell us a bit about Oracle Fox and how it has developed over the years?
Amanda Shadforth: Before Oracle Fox I was a visual artist and had my own boutique gallery. During days in my studio when I wasn’t painting, I would spend my time searching the internet for inspiration and beautiful images. I needed an outlet for the all the beautiful things I was finding and started Oracle Fox as personal mood board. Before long I started posting personal style images and things just flowed from there. The industry has really evolved in the past few years and there are so many more creative opportunities for influencers to showcase our work and aesthetic. In addition to personal style, most of my days are now spent creating and photographing editorials and campaigns for my favourite brands, it’s a role that I really love and something that has really grown with my business.

M: What are your personal style rules?
AS: Keep things clean and modern but always with an edge.

M: As a creative, what is your number one passion?
AS: There is nothing I love more than having creative freedom in my work. As the Director of Oracle Fox it is my role to produce editorials and campaigns at every stage from start to finish including concepts, mood boarding, model and location selection, styling and photography all the way through to editing and delivery. It is always rewarding when the results tell a beautiful story and really speak to people.

M: If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing?
AS: I would still be continuing my work as a visual artist. I’ve been lucky enough in my art career to exhibit internationally and it’s my first true love creatively, I’m never too far from my easel and have been able to incorporate my skills as an artist into my editorials and campaigns for Oracle Fox. Even though I’m no longer painting full time, I will always remain very close to the art world.

M: What tells you Spring has arrived?
AS: You know that Spring has arrived when you can feel the heat from the sun on the sand, smell the scent of jasmine on the breeze and hear the cicadas at sunset. Spring is the most beautiful time of year and as always, the best cues come from nature.

Explore Amanda’s take on the Monochrome Moment trend and New Romantics Trend.

Oraclefox Myer The Finders

Amanda wears LITTLE JOE WOMAN Maxi skirt & BASQUE Vest

Carmen Hamilton

Carmen Hamilton is the curator of Chronicles of Her – a premium online fashion destination dedicated to a ‘less is more’ approach to style. Carmen has worked with a number of international luxury brands and is a regular contributor to Vogue Australia’s Spy Style.

Myer: Tell us a bit about The Chronicles of Her?
Carmen Hamilton: My blog is a visual online journal sharing my experiences in fashion and beauty. It’s about taking a more considered approach to style, with the aim of building the ultimate cohesive wardrobe where each beautiful piece complements another (that’s the dream, right?). Through the content on my site, I want to show women that it’s actually really simple to dress well, you just need to follow a few basic principles (which I share in my posts!). Less is always more in my opinion, and style should always look effortless.

M: How did you get into blogging and how did it become a full time job for you?
CH: I started blogging as a sideline project while I was studying at university. I basically started it because I was spending so much time reading other blogs, that I decided I should use some of that time to create my own. Up until now it’s always been a part-time job for me. I was working at Vogue Australia after uni, and I’m currently working at THE FILE. I enjoy working on a lot of things at once. I think it helps to keep your mind open, and your dreams large.

M: What apps can you not live without?
CH: Instagram (duh), Uber, Eat Right 4 Your Type,, Google Maps (I have the worst sense of direction ever) and Headspace (basically a force-quit shortcut for your brain!).

M: If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing?
CH: I’m really indecisive, so it could be one of a million things. When I was little I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, then an actress, so who knows.

M: What tells you spring has arrived?
CH: Spring to me means F R E E D O M – mainly from all those layers you’ve had to hide under in winter. I love the change in the air – there’s a lightness about it and you can feel summer’s coming. Spring is probably my favourite season because it has just the right balance of everything. Early spring mornings are the best!

Explore Carmens take on the Jetset trend.

Chronicles of Her The Finders Myer

Carmen wears PIPER Trench shirt dress, DAVID LAWRENCE Pant (available early August) & AQUAZURRA Heels (available at selected stores)

Zanita Whittington Header

Model Zanita Whittington brings her fashion credentials in front of the lens to the forefront in her self-titled blog. Her keen eye behind the camera and fashion editorial skills have seen her contribute content to and H&M.

Myer: How and when did you start
Zanita Whittington: I started the blog way back in 2008 when the whole thing was really just a budding community. I started it as a way to network with people who shared a like-minded interest in Fashion, and as a kind of style diary.

M: Tell us about one of the most challenging moments you’ve ever had as a photographer?
ZW: I’ve once over extended myself in a photoshoot, I hired a piece of equipment I wasn’t very familiar with and then ended up shooting in a very tiny location surrounded by loads of people. The whole thing was incredibly stressful because time was short and I wasn’t able to produce my best work. You take the greatest lessons from your mistakes and I learn’t a whole lot from that day.

M: As a creative, what is your number one passion?
ZW: I love photography – but fashion photography specifically. It’s exciting to push my creative boundaries and try new things, I love to employ a little bit of surrealism through the editing process or to tell a story with the imagery.

M: What apps can you not live without?
WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, facebook, IMDb, Uber and Spotify.

What tells you Spring has arrived?
ZW: It’s about about the clothes you can wear! Spring is my favourite season in Australia, when you can wear a beautiful dress, maybe a light jacket. It’s my favourite kind of personal styling.

Explore Zanita’s take on the In Full Bloom trend.


Zanita wears WAYNE BY WAYNE COOPER Maxi dress

Oliver Grand Header

Oliver Grand is an online destination for men’s style. Curated by stylist Jess Arifien and photographer Trevor King, the pair draw inspiration from the influential men across the globe to produce intriguing interviews and original fashion stories.

Myer: Tell us how Oliver Grand came about?
Jesse Arifien: Oliver Grand was co-founded by myself (Jesse) and Trevor King. After working alongside and styling a number of male celebrities for 5 years, I really gained an appreciation and love for mens fashion. A personal desire to create mens editorial content and a lack of mens style resources in the market saw the website come to life. Trevor’s extensive experience in fashion photography and clean aesthetic made for an organic collaboration.

M: What is your signature style?
JA: Masculine, self-assured and sophisticated. The Oliver Grand man comes to us to understand how and where to acquire our signature style.

M: How do you feel the men’s blogging space differs from the women’s?
JA: Men want to be across trends yet are driven by practicality, therefore the environment of an online men’s destination is inevitably different. We try to encompass an overall lifestyle that they aspire to. I also find that males are more loyal when they are onto a good thing!

M: What tells you Spring has arrived?
JA: A sense of nonchalance and The Beach Boys.

Explore Oliver Grand’s take on Spring trends for Menswear.

Oliver Grand Myer The Finders

Ryan wears KENJI Tee (available at selected stores mid-August)

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