Ryan Ginns Myer Spring 16

Getting to know Ryan Ginns

Fresh from shooting the Myer Spring campaign with the stylish team from Oliver Grand, we caught up with all-round cool guy Ryan Ginns, who is about to set off on a journey of a lifetime for a great cause…

Ryan Ginns Myer Spring 16

Myer: You’re a busy man these days! Tell us a little about what you’ve got going on?
Ryan Ginns: I am indeed! I’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment. I’ve just opened a bar/restaurant in Bondi called Luis Tans. Its asthetic and offering is based on a Latin American street vibe but with an Asian twist. It’s safe to say that’s been taking the majority of my time but I’ve been squeezing in MSMS – the multiple scrleosis charity that I co-founded earlier this year – where I can. Raising money has been tougher than I thought, but people’s generosity still makes me feel great about what we’re doing. Aside from Luis’ and MSMS I’ve started a blog called Ginsea. It’s just a platform to share creatively what I’ve been up to.

M: Tell us about MSMS?
RG: MSMS is for my mum. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about five years ago. After getting that slot on TV I figured I have a window of notoriety that I can use to make a difference. I know that sounds like a total cliché, but if I didn’t believe I could make a difference or even just make my mum smile, I wouldn’t be riding across India on a motorcycle with a one legged man, my partner in crime Sam Brahman. We aim to raise 50K that we will donate to MS research here in Australia. In return we’ll document and showcase the journey so everyone can enjoy the ride.

M: How can people follow your journey?
RG:  At this stage you can follow the progress on our Instagram pages, @ryanginns and @msmsindia. We’ll keep everyone posted with development in terms of how you can follow the journey.

M: You shot with Oliver Grand recently – how was that?
RG: It was loads of fun. Trev and his team made it easy. We started in the morning, ended at night and laughed the whole way through.

M: How would you describe your own personal style?
RG: I like basics. Black and white. It sounds boring but you can’t go wrong. I’m not a huge fan of skinny jeans, I tend to go for a more straight cut, and I’m a shoe guy – I like a sneaker…

M: Which songs or albums are on your current playlist?
RG: Jimmy and Hugo my homies from Flight Facilities are crushing it at the moment and I know why: their new album ‘Down To Earth’ is timeless. I did a recent trip to Vegas for a mate’s bucks and the song of the trip was ‘Devotion’ by a small group out of LA called Distractor. That’s been on repeat.

M: What does a typical day in the life of Ryan Ginns look like?
RG: Coffee followed by coffee. Bar meetings, coffee, bar meetings, beer, bar meetings. I’m looking forward to getting back to some routine. More surfing and less stressing.

M: Which3 things do you never leave home without?
RG: 1. My wallet. I hate the thought of having to borrow money.
2. Headphones. Music will fix it.
3. My sunnies.

Ryan Ginns Myer Spring 16

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