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Laura Andric’s Fitness Tips

Summer bodies are made in winter, so with that said it’s time to pull on some (super-chic) workout gear and get active before bikini weather sets in! Need some #fitspo? Read our chat with super-fit model, Laura Andric…

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Myer: What’s your morning workout tip?
Laura Andric: Don’t press snooze on your alarm – it never ends well! You will end up snoozing through your training session and even more reluctant to go the next day! Also in regards to food, I will have a banana for an energy boost and some activated nuts before a workout, then make sure I make an amazing protein smoothie afterwards to replenish my body of its nutrients and help promote muscle recovery.

M: What’s your favourite workout song at the moment?
LA: Where Are You Now by Justin Bieber & Diplo is still number one on my playlist! I love to start playing music as soon as I’m awake – it helps me wake up and pep up for a workout!

M: Bikram Yoga or KX Pilates?
LA: I can’t go past a good yoga session! Although I prefer the cooler classes…haha!! But there is nothing like stretching and lengthening your muscles while regaining some mental clarity and unwinding at the same time.

M: What’s your workout style tip?
LA: All black and snapbacks! Most of my workout gear is black, so when I’m in a scramble I can chuck anything on and it all matches. A snapback is always necessary to hide my most likely un-brushed hair. I also like to wear activewear to modelling jobs when possible so I can walk home from shoots if I don’t have time to hit the gym that day.


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