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New to Myer: Acler

What do you get when two immensely talented fashion designers combine their skills and unique approaches to design? You get a new and exciting fashion label which delivers strong yet oh-so-wearable pieces you’ll want to fill your wardrobe with. Introducing Acler.

Directors Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto have worked in the fashion industry for many years and have now brought their experience, technical skills and individual passions together to create Acler, a label that explores the contrasting styles of both designers. We got an insight into this exciting new brand when we sat down with Kathryn and Julia recently.

Acler Myer


Carmen Hamiltion wears ACLER Keller Silk Maxi

Myer: Tell us a bit about your history and how Acler was born?
Kathryn Forth: Jules and I met when 5 years ago when we were working for a company, designing for competing brands, but with our desks positioned next to each other!
Julia Ritorto: Yes, Kath was meant to be my competition, but I would always look over and admire the work she was doing.
Kathryn Forth: Yes and I would be the same! We always wanted to work together.

M: Who is the Acler girl?
JR: She is intelligent and style aware, with high expectations when considering quality and design integrity.
KF: Yes, but she also celebrates the unexpected. She is passionate and engaging but not pretentious.

M: What has inspired this current collection?
JR: We took a lot of inspiration from Japanese design – simplicity in design yet beautiful sculptural shapes.
KF: This is how our Sumi-e brush stoke artwork evolved. The 1970s trend is also explored subtly in the beautiful suiting story.

Myer Acler

Carmen Hamilton Myer Acler

Carmen Hamilton Myer Acler

Carmen wears
TOP LEFT: ACLER Harwood Top & Clinton Pant
TOP RIGHT: ACLER Odessa Dress & Clinton Pant
BOTTOM: ACLER Harwood Dress

M: How would you describe the Acler signature?
KF: I would say our collections have a harmonious balance of feminine draping and androgynous tailoring.
JR: Fabrication is also key. Selecting beautiful fabrics is just as important as the design – we want our pieces to be as decadent to touch as to see.

M: What is the must have piece from the collection?
JR: Clinton suit in ivory
KF: Jasper cotton dress in ivory

M: How would you describe your own personal style?
JR:I tend to wear more crisp tailored pieces and a muted clean colour pallet.
KF:  Yes, Jules’ outfits are always meticulously put together. I will always wear the draped, oversized or androgynous pieces. Of the two of us I am probably the one more likely to wear a bright statement piece.

Carmen Hamilton Myer Acler

Carmen Hamilton Myer Acler

Carmen Hamilton Myer Acler

Carmen wears
TOP: ACLER Durham Panel Vest
MIDDLE: ACLER York Knit Dress
BOTTOM: ACLER Hartland Drape Dress

Shop Acler online here.

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