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Cutting Corners in the Kitchen

If spending long periods of time in the kitchen isn’t exactly your idea of time well spent, then you’re going to love our tips for cutting corners in the kitchen.

Handy Kitchen Short-cuts MyerBENRINER
Japanese Turning Slicer

Beautiful garnishing is easy with this slicer which allows you to create a variety of vegetable ribbons and strands simply by rotating the handle.
Available at selected stores.

Handy Kitchen Short-cuts MyerZYLISS
Smart touch salad spinner

No more messy salad spinning with this easy to use spinner featuring fast-action pump-drying technology, you can even serve straight form the bowl.
Handy Kitchen Short-cuts MyerJOSEPH JOSEPH
Citrus catcher & Rocker garlic crusher

The Catcher is more comfortable than a horizontal hand juicer, while the Rocker garlic crusher uses downward pressure and a ‘rocking motion to easily break up garlic cloves.

Handy Kitchen Short-cuts MyerBENRINER
Japanese mandolin

Love matchstick salads but hate how long it takes to cut? Well this mandolin perfectly slices and juliennes at the ideal thickness, in half the time it would take with a knife.

Handy Kitchen Short-cuts MyerCHEF’N
Strawberry huller & Scoop troop melon

The StemGem quickly and easily removes strawberry stems with ease, while this handy scoop deseeds fruits such as papaya and kiwi simply and without the mess.

Handy Kitchen Short-cuts MyerCHEF’N
Loose leaf stripper

This nifty little number strips leaves from stems in seconds and works on everything from kale to thyme, so say goodbye to hard, unwanted stems in your meals.
Available at selected stores.


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    • Hi David, these products are available at selected Myer stores. If there is a particular tool you are after, we can check stock availability in your closest store for you. Thanks.

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