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Joyful yet sincere, seductive yet natural, and above all feminine – the Nina Ricci woman makes an impression wherever she goes.

Nina Ricci Myer

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Nina Ricci founded her Haute Couture house in 1932, at 20 Rue de Capucines in Paris, complete with the design atelier and salons for fittings. Her technique, cuts, balance and materials conferred striking simplicity on the Nina Ricci woman. In the years following, as her couture business grew, Nina Ricci’s son developed her now famous fragrance range. With two exceptionally successful businesses, the Nina Ricci label continued to grow and has now become one of the most well respected womenswear brands in the world.
Today the label is headed up by Guillaume Henry, who has previously worked for Carven and Paule Ka. Inspired by music and images, Guillaume brings a wealth of experience to the house. We recently sat down with him to find out more about what we can expect to see of his Nina Ricci…

Myer: What was it about the Nina Ricci brand that enticed you to take on the Creative Director role?
Guillaume Henry: Nina Ricci, beyond being a prestigious name, has always embodied the idea of femininity in the most natural and elegant way. I wish to underline an understated sophistication. I see the Nina Ricci woman as an effortlessly chic woman: not overly decorated nor too polished.
I like the idea of sensuality conveyed by an unbuttoned man’s shirt in soft, almost liquid fabric, the poetic charm of a woman subtly replacing the strap of her dress. A woman doesn’t need to prove that she’s a woman. What’s also been extremely exciting was to being able to bring my vision to such an iconic French couture house and transposing its unique brand philosophy and emblematic codes for today’s women. I like the challenge of understanding who the Nina Ricci woman is: spontaneous and mysterious at the same time.

M: Tell us about your first collection for Nina Ricci? What has inspired this collection?
GH: The winter show was like being introduced to the Nina Ricci woman for the first time. For the first collection, I really wanted to lay the foundations to tell a new story, to define my vocabulary for the brand, in terms of fabric, colour, attitude, etc. It wasn’t about creating a greater scenario but more about asking myself: how can you be chic in everyday’s life? How can you be cool for evening? How can you be feminine without looking decorative?
The Nina Ricci woman is feminine, but raw. Hence the treatment of every element as if it were white cotton. Furthermore, I had to re-think the colour palette. I wanted it to be really neutral, with only a touch of red – the ultimate feminine accent, that made a single appearance on the catwalk, like an electric moment.

M: How would you describe your design philosophy?
GH: I like the idea to design for an international woman, one who is always on the move. An individual that you’ll meet by chance. A character you want to spend time with. She makes an impression whenever she enters a room. She’s seductive in an unintentional way.
I want the clothes to reveal a woman. She has to feel comfortable and not disguised. The new Nina Ricci woman is genuinely beautiful, her charm is never overbearing. My greatest reward is to see someone I don’t know wearing my clothes.

Nina Ricci Designer

Nina Ricci Creative Director, Guillaume Henry

Nina Ricci Myer

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