Jen Hawkins myer spring racing fashion alex perry

Your Spring Racing Checklist

It’s less than a week until the Melbourne Cup Carnival kicks off and by now you’ve probably got your outfit sorted. But have you thought of everything else?

Jen Hawkins myer spring racing fashion alex perry

Face of Myer Jennifer Hawkins wears ALEX PERRY Monique dress and MELISSA JACKSON custom hat

Outfit Trial
Try on your entire outfit at home, including your millinery and shoes. Aside from making sure your ensemble is on point, this is the time to identify any potential fashion hazards – from the skirt that rides up when you move to the headpiece that won’t stay on your head. With a few days left, you’ve still got plenty of time to fix any issues.

Rainy Day Plan B
Melbourne weather is notoriously unpredictable so combat this by implementing an outfit backup plan. Think about jackets that will work with each of your outfits, and consider alternative pairs of shoes – if rain looks likely, you’ll want to ditch your suede heels for a more resilient shoe.

Now’s the time to prep and preen, so get your waxing done, ensure your nail appointment is confirmed and avoid introducing anything new into your skincare routine. Get plenty of sleep in the lead up to avoid dark under-eye circles and ensure your skin is is looking it’s best.

Pack your bag
This may sound a little pedantic, but getting your handbag organised early is the best way to avoid forgetting any of your race day essentials. Turn your bag into a mini survival kit by packing mints, bandaids and a makeup compact for touch-ups. Consider investing in a portable phone charger – you’ll thank us come 2pm when your battery is drained from all those Instagram pics you’ve been posting!

Have you sorted our your transport to and from the track? While not the most glamorous mode of travel, public transport is often the most efficient option. Check out the timetables now so you’re well prepared and allow a little extra travel time just to be on the safe side.

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