Lamb souvlaki Myer Marquee

A Taste of the 2015 Myer Marquee

Spring has arrived at the Myer Marquee and this year the food concept takes inspiration from modern botanical chronicles. Once again, the talented team at The Big Group have ensured guests of the Myer Marquee will be treated to an exciting selection of delicious food and aromatic cocktails, ensuring a truly wonderful experience.

Director and Co-founder of The Big Group, Bruce Keebaugh worked with his team to design a menu which heroes the freshest spring produce.

“Authenticity and simplicity reign within the menu design at the Myer Super Botanica Marquee at the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival,” said Bruce, “The soul of Super Botanica sees floral highlights across the food design, heirloom providoring showcasing ‘God’s best seasonal gifts’ in their purest form.

To add a little luxe, the Marquee will this year feature a Super Botanica open kitchen where Big Group chefs will forage amongst fresh herbs to finesse beautiful salads alongside a traditional oyster shucker and buckets of French champagne, while white-gloved waiters will provide bespoke service to those racing guests who choose to ‘dine in’.

To bring the flavours of the Myer Marquee into your home, try these delicious recipes – all crafted by the brilliant team the The Big Group and taken straight from the 2015 Myer Marquee Menu.

raw kale salad with chilli salt, lemon, toasted grains and parmesan


1 bunch kale
1 teaspoon Chili salt – Available from specialty grocers
Zest and juice of 1 lemon
75mls olive oil
½ banana shallot, finely diced
30g puffed grains – available from health food stores or specialty grocers
50g Shaved parmesan


Wash and remove the stem from the kale. Spin in a salad spinner to remove the water and finely shred. Zest the lemon and add to the kale along with the chilli salt and shaved parmesan.

Mix together the juice from the lemon, the olive oil and shallot. Taste and add more lemon/oil as desired. Mix the dressing through the kale and finish with the toasted grains for garnish.


gingergrass cocktail


gin x 45mls
fresh lemon juice x 30mls
sugar syrup x 10mls
elderflower syrup x 10mls
lemongrass and ginger tea x 30mls
dry white wine x 20 mls
shake all over ice, serve over ice, garnish cucumber slice

Shake London dry gin with aromatic lemongrass and ginger tea over ice before adding freshly squeezed lemon juice and elderflower syrup. Served over ice in an ‘O’ glass, garnished with strips of fresh lemongrass.

Myer marquee menu 2015

slow cooked lamb souvlaki with tzatziki

Ingredients for the lamb filling 

2kg lamb shoulder
½ bunch fresh thyme
1 lemon cut in half
4 cloves of garlic
Pinch of salt and pepper
50ml olive oil

Ingredients for the Tzatziki

200g Greek yoghurt
½ cucumber de-seeded and grated
½ lemon, zested
¼ bunch mint finely chopped
Pinch of salt and white pepper to taste
Finely diced pickled cucumber
Souvlaki bread or similar – available from supermarkets or speciality food stores


Pre heat the oven to 160 degrees
Heat the oil in a frying pan, season the lamb with the salt and pepper and then seal the lamb all sides before transferring to a baking dish. Add the thyme, garlic and lemon to the dish and cover with foil. Put the lamb into the oven and cook, covered for approximately 3-4 hours or until falling apart.
Allow to cool slightly and then shred the lamb to the desired size.

Mix all of the tzaziki ingredients together in a bowl. Season to taste. Fill the bread with approximately 80g lamb, add about a tablespoon of tzatziki and roll. Cut each wrap into 4 mini portions. Stand upright and top with pickled cucumber.

Myer marquee Menu 2015


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