Kris Smith’s Trackside Tips

Myer Ambassador Kris Smith has certainly seen his share of racedays and as a self-confessed races enthusiast, we knew he’d be able to shed some light on how to have a cracking day at the races…

Kris Smith Myer Derby Day

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Picking horses: I generally pick them on the day. I like to sit down in the morning with breakfast and the paper and get my bets on before I arrive at the track. See, once I’m there I end up hearing trainers’ information, jockeys’ information and it tends to change my mind so I like having it sorted before I arrive. I’m a big racing fan so the form guide is always my go-to as well.

Raceday Style: I’m really lucky because I get to work with great designers and stylists so it’s always an exciting experience. I do think though that it’s a good idea to try colour combinations that are not your usual choices. Try things that are a little different and don’t always stick with what you’re used to. The races is the perfect place to be a bit bold.

How to last the whole day: Keep yourself hydrated! If you’re in places like the Birdcage, then the drinks are flowing but that doesn’t mean you have to jump in at the deep end. Maybe have some water, a coffee or green juice, or whatever suits you, but just steady and pace yourself. If you go hard too soon then you’re probably going home too early.

What men shouldn’t wear: I’ve never been a fan of suits that are too big or white shoes. Also I know some people like to dress up in costumes and I know people want to have fun and enjoy themselves but if we’re talking fashion, it’s not the best idea – stick with a good suit.

What women should avoid wearing: I hate to see a woman wearing a dress so short or tight that she’s always tugging at it. It never looks comfortable, it can’t feel comfortable. If you’re having to tug at it all day then you probably shouldn’t be wearing it.

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