Jen Hawkins Myer Christmas Windows

The 2015 Myer Christmas Animated Windows

For decades the Myer Christmas windows have brought light and joy to the City of Melbourne, and today we unveiled the 60th season of the Christmas Animated Windows at Myer Melbourne, which showcases an animated tribute to Melbourne based on the popular children’s book Little Dog and the Christmas Wish.

Jen Hawkins Myer Christmas Windows

Face of Myer Jennifer Hawkins joined Myer CEO Richard Umbers, The Hon. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, Channel Seven’s Rebecca Maddern and Santa to reveal this year’s spectacular Christmas Animated Windows to an excited crowd in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Windows, this year’s theme is set on Christmas Eve in 1956 and includes many of Melbourne’s most iconic sites such as Flinders Street Station, the Block Arcade, the Hopetoun Tea Rooms and the Skipping Girl Vinegar neon sign in Richmond. When asked about the inspiration behind Little Dog and the Christmas Wish, author Corrine Fenton said “Christmas is usually a time that animal shelters experience an influx of pets, and I wanted to send a warm message about taking care of your pets over the holidays. The idea of a little dog, lost and alone in a busy city on Christmas Eve, kept echoing in my head. As a child of the ‘50s, I set the story in Melbourne, in 1956. I imagined the city decorated for Christmas, and such iconic sites as Collins Street and the Block Arcade, Flinders Street Station, and how wonderful it would have been.”

The immensely talented team at Stage ONE have been engaged once again to bring Corrine’s story to life in this years windows and have done so in the most spectacular way. For the past 21 years, John Kerr and his team at Stage ONE have been responsible for the Myer Christmas Animated Windows, from the inspiration to the installation, in an 11 month process with 30 artisans contributing more than 17,000 hours of work to bring this year’s story to life.

“As a proud Melbourne man, no other Christmas theme for the Windows has excited me more than Little Dog and the Christmas Wish. This was the perfect opportunity to present a uniquely Australian Christmas and celebrate the 60-year tradition of the Myer Christmas Animated Windows, and I am so pleased we have created a fitting replica of marvellous Melbourne,” said Mr Kerr.

The detail in this year’s Windows is absolutely incredible. More than 800 hours of research was undertaken to ensure historical references and sites were accurate – in fact, original blueprints were sourced for 1956 references, including Flinders Street Station, the Block Arcade façade and the W Class tram. There are 132 individual characters displayed, each with their own custom-made outfit and accessories (including leather bags, briefcases and umbrellas!), which all reflect the styles of the 1950s.

The Myer Christmas Animated Windows are available for viewing from Tuesday 10 November to Wednesday 6 January 2016 from 7:30am – 1:00am daily.
You can purchase your copy of Little Dog and the Christmas Wish online here.

Myer Christmas Windows 2015
Myer Christmas Windows
Myer Christmas Animated Windows
Myer Christmas windows 2015
Myer Christmas Windows

Explore the Myer Christmas Giftorium online here.

31 thoughts on “The 2015 Myer Christmas Animated Windows

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  3. Where is the Christmas feel to the windows ? No sparkle, no glitter or lights… Very bland with each window looking so same ….. same.. Sorry but I won’t be bringing granchildren in to look.

    • I completely agree Judy Murray. I’m sorry but what does a dog have to do with Christmas? This just isn’t Christmas’sy! It doesn’t feel like it at all. Whilst they have done a great job at the story they are presenting & well done for the job you have done. It’s fantastic, it really is. I mean you couldn’t have done a better job. But there is just no reason for this to be for Christmas. Like I mentioned before, where’s the reason for the Season? The beautiful Nativity scene? Where’s all the pretty Christmas trees & the Stars & baubles of all different colours, tinsel & gorgeous decorations, lights everything like that. Go back to basics & just start again. I’m pretty sure Myer you will be surprised with what you create.

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  5. Saw the window in the Brisbane Myer – really impressed with all the detail that has gone into it. Shame that with Brissie there are only 4 windows so we miss out on the Tea Room scene but I loved the window of people looking at the 50s Myer Christmas window. Planning to take my daughter to see it and get her the book it is based on. Thanks Myer for continuing the tradition and congratulations on a gorgeous window.

  6. hi guys, I see the Christmas windows run until January 4th 2016 does this include the whole day of January 4th til 1am Tuesday 5th or is it til 1am on the 4th please Stace:)

  7. Living in the country at Kalimna Vic 3909 we do not get a chance to visit Melbourne very often and my grandson Dexter Collins would love the video if you could manage it for him. Many thanks – Peggy Collins

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  9. Dear Myer, Why only Melbourne do the rest of Australian City shoppers not deserve a gift too???
    I would love to see windows in Adelaide….Come on be real and let all of the country win by the gift of windows, you can send this years to Adelaide etc for next year…PLEASE. I cnnot afford to travel to Melbourne any more and would love to take my grandkids to create more memories…Please

  10. Thank you Myers for the Best Ever Christmas windows. I love the whole thing – the Nostalgic Melbourne look and feel, the Melbourne icons and the amazing little dog. I loved it!! The detail is superb, I was almost in tears, it made me so happy. Thank you and to all the team involved – have a wonderful Christmas.

    • Hi Meridith, thank you for the wonderful feedback. We are delighted to hear how much you like our windows, we love them too! Have a lovely Christmas!

  11. Im disappointed in brisbane with the lack of christmas decorations in the mall .and i certainly was disappointed in the myer windows this year.. im know alot of work has gone into it but it lacks the whole christmas spirit ..

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  13. Where’s the nativity scene or the reference to the real reason for the season??? Why is that pushed to the furthest smallest window of it even is there? Not that I can see it?

    • Why does it need a nativity scene? You’re aware that Jesus wasn’t actually born on 25 December, right? That Christians appropriated a pagan festival? If you want a nativity scene get your own and stop foisting your religious beliefs on everyone else.

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  15. So disappointed today, 6th January, to find on going into the city especially to see the Windows, that they were covered up. I read the website as being the final day today, but on reading it again, I assume the 6th viewing finished at 1 am. So sad to miss them.

    • Hi Suzanne, we’re sorry you missed our windows and we hope to see you later this year for our 2016 Christmas Windows. Have a lovely weekend.

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