Mens Summer Skincare Myer

Summer Skincare for Him

How healthy are his skincare habits? If they’re basically non-existent then it’s time to get him on track with these products that can easily slot into his daily routine.

Mens Summer Skincare

The Aromatherapy Company Men Hair & Body Wash
Why give him three products when he can get it all from a single bottle? This genius wash from The Aromatherapy Company doubles as his body wash and his shampoo & conditioner, meaning you can ditch his soap on a rope, plus his hair will be smelling lush.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Face Wash
If he only uses one product, then make sure it’s a face wash. Just like women, men should be cleansing their skin thoroughly every day. This facial wash from Clinique is designed to remove excess oils and dirt, leaving skin and beards soft.

Clarins Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum
Help keep his eyes feeling good and looking bright by introducing an eye serum into his daily routine. No one (men included) likes dark circles or obvious wrinkles around their eyes, and a good eye product like this Clarins Anti-Fatigue serum is just what’s needed to help combat these natural signs of ageing.

Shiseido Mens Total Revitalizer
If you need to ease him into using skincare products, a daily moisturiser is a good place to start. This Shiseido revitalizer cream will help bring new life to dull and fatigued skin while providing hydration and moisture to help avoid dryness.

Molton Brown Aftershave Balm
Shaving can be harsh on the skin, so replacing moisture in the skin after a shave is imperative. Molton Brown’s Aftershave Balm is a gentle balm blended with barley extract that helps to calm down the skin, post shave while also helping to rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier.

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