Nordic Christmas Myer

A Nordic Christmas

One of the best things about Christmas is decorating the home with festive pieces and putting up a show-stopping tree. This season we’re taking a leaf out of the Nordic book and opting for a beautiful Scandi-inspired Christmas.

Known for stunningly simple interiors, Nordic styling is all about functionality, warmth in texture and using clean lines to create beautiful living spaces. For Christmas this means neutral colours, natural textures and fresh white finishes.

the table

Start by dressing your table with a woven-fabric table cloth in a neutral colour, as this creates a clean base for your crockery. Keep your plating simple in shades of whites and greys and don’t be tempted to overload the table with layers of plates and bowls – think function and simplicity, and consider what your guests actually need to use. Finally, incorporate some wooden elements on to the table with serving boards, bowls and napkin holders.

Nordic Christmas Table

the tree

A Nordic-inspired Christmas tree is all about soft colours and hints of snow, so given our warm climate over the Christmas period, this might the time to get the snow-in-a-can out and give your tree a light spray. When it comes to tree decorations, avoid any bold or brightly coloured ornaments and stick with tonal shades of ivory, bronze, grey, pale aqua and silver.

Myer Nordic Christmas

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2 thoughts on “A Nordic Christmas

  1. Very disappointed with Myer Adelaide City – it is Christmas yet you wouldn’t know it is on the ground floor – not a decoration in sight except for the daggy giftorium at the escalator which could be there for anything. Children sooo disappointed yet staff told me the decorations are coming hmm if they are should have been there before the Adelaide Christmas pageant. Terrible so I will give Myer a miss this Christmas.

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