Dita Von Teese LIngerie Myer

Dita Von Teese on Everyday Glamour

Arguably one of the world’s most interesting and beautiful women, Dita Von Teese certainly knows a thing or two about lingerie. Having worked in a lingerie store from a very young age, Dita’s passion for creating beautiful yet functional pieces for women to wear everyday is undeniable. We sat down with Dita to hear more about her new loungewear collection and her upcoming beauty book.

Dita Von Teese LIngerie Myer

Myer: It’s a been some time since you were last in Melbourne – tell us what you’ve been up to since your last visit?
Dita von Teese:
Well I’ve been designing lots of lingerie and have got lots of new things coming out. I’ve designed a full range of loungewear which I’m really excited to be releasing – I’ve just got all the pieces in my sizes for myself. I’ve also just put the final finishing touches on my beauty book, Your Beauty Mark, which comes out in December.

M: How exciting, tell us more about your book?
Your Beauty Mark is a guide to creating eccentric glamour. I do all my own hair and makeup for almost every photoshoot and appearance as I like to be self sufficient, I don’t like traveling with a glam squad. I like to rely on only myself for glamour, so I wanted to write a book and share my beauty secrets, but also provide inspiration for those who want to be different or break the rules and try new things with their makeup. I get frustrated when I see editorials in magazines that set rules like ‘never do a strong lip with a bold eye’. My book is about doing what you want and what you like. It’s a big book – an epic book, I’ve been writing it for five years.

M: You’ve recently released a new loungewear collection. What inspired the move to create this range?
DVT: I’m a huge collector of vintage lingerie and my range has always been about finding new ways to capture the spirit of retro glamour while finding ways to wear it in everyday life. I’ve always loved the era of the 1940’s and 50’s where there was a real emphasis on glamour at home – you had these hostess gowns and really beautiful things, kind of like dramatic pyjamas, that you were meant to receive people while wearing, so I wanted to do something like that. People often ask if I wear sweats when I’m lounging around at home and honestly I don’t. I love having glamour and beauty in everyday life, I feel better when I have moments of everyday glamour so the loungewear range is really just an extension of that idea and my philosophy on lingerie – that you wear your special pieces for yourself and because you enjoy it, not because it’s a special occasion or for someone else. I love opening up a drawer full of lace underwear and beautiful bras, it’s a little moment of joy in something very simple everyday.

M: When you design new lingerie pieces, what are the main things you consider and focus on?
DVT: I’ve worked in lingerie stores since I was fifteen years old, I used to be a bra fitter so developing functional lingerie is very close to my heart, so the first thing I ask myself is, ‘Is this a wearable piece?’. For instance, all of my suspender belts are completely functional, they’re not just vanity pieces. I never want to sacrifice functionality, I want to have all the beautiful glamorous elements in every piece but I really want them to function as they should under your clothes too. There’s so much technology available now to make sure the construction and fit of lingerie is perfect, so it means we can do better with every new design. Shapes are very different now and women tend to change what shapes and styles they like.

M: Coming into Christmas, what one piece from the collection would you recommend as a great gift idea?
DVT: I would have to say the Madame X bodysuit or the Madame X negligee. They’re both really interesting pieces that are super sexy and any woman can wear them. I always recommend that someone sneak into their partner’s lingerie drawer and see what pieces they already have to get a better idea of what sorts of styles they like. And also it helps to make sure they get the size right.

Dita von teese Myer

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