Rachael Finch Myer seafolly bikini swimwear

5 Tips for Bikini Shopping…

Most women will agree that bikini shopping can be quite an arduous task, so before you even head into the fitting rooms…

Rachael Finch Myer seafolly bikini swimwear

Myer Ambassador Rachael Finch wears SEAFOLLY Jungle slide bikini top and bottom. Models wear a selection of SEAFOLLY swimwear.

Groom yourself.
Be ready for the full length mirror by shaving/waxing your legs and remember how good you always feel with a tan, so hit the fitting rooms with a solid coat of fake tan. Check out some of our fave self-tans here.

Know your body shape.
Knowing your body shape and what works for you will help guide you toward the styles and cuts that will best flatter your bod. Don’t be a slave to trends and look for styles that enhance your best features while disguising your not-so-favourite parts.

Material matters.
Not all swimwear is made of the same fabric, so try styles made from different materials and be wary of anything too thin – sheer bikinis aren’t a great look. Generally speaking, thicker fabrics tend to hold you in a little better – #win.

Know when to shop.
Hit the shops when you’re feeling fresh – earlier in the day after a gym session, and not right after you’ve eaten. Fitting room lighting can be harsh and unflattering at the best of times, but seems even worse when you’re standing in front of the mirror in a bikini with a full stomach!

Be prepared to mix & match.
Many swimwear brands now sell their tops and bottoms separately, which is heaven for those of us who differ in sizes between our top and bottom. Finding the perfect fit is now much easier, plus you have the added bonus of being able to mix colours, styles and prints – #win2

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