Myer christmas table setting

5 Tips for Dressing your Christmas Table

Hosting a Christmas feast for family and friends this year? Follow our tips to ensure your table setting is on point…

Myer christmas table setting

1. Choose a colour scheme
Matching everything together on your table will become much easier if you choose two to three colours to work with. This will help ensure your table looks balanced and not overwhelmed with one strong colour. Metallic accents in silver and gold instantly speak Christmas while neutral white, grey and wood pieces are ideal if you’re going for a Scandi look.

2. Consider your tableware
Most Christmas meals will involve more than one course, so layer you plates accordingly and don’t add extra plates or bowls just for the sake of it. Consider your meal plan and make sure each guest has a nice clean plate for every new course. Do the same when selecting glassware, keeping in mind your guest’s drink preferences and of course the need for water glasses.

3. Think outside the square
Unexpected details are a great way to add some personality to your table so think about fun and creative ways you can surprise and delight your guests with things like homemade place cards, personalised napkin holders or even little gifts bags.

4. Don’t waste space
Tabletop real estate is valuable so while adding beautiful lush centerpieces and platters is definitely a good idea, wasting space with over sized decorations is not. Think about using cake stands, vases and bowls to not only add height but to also hold finger food, lollies, ice and drinks.

5. Try something new
If you’ve always set your table using the same dinnerware and decorations then spice it up this year with something a little different. Changing up small elements like napkins, tablecloths (or lack of) and centrepieces are a great way to start. Try unexpected colour combinations and don’t be afraid to spray paint some old decorations to give them a new lease on life.

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