Activewear to Get You Going

If starting a fresh new year isn’t enough motivation to get you back in the gym, then perhaps these must-have activewear pieces will…

After a month of eating way too much, drinking on more occasions than we care to remember and skipping the gym on a weekly basis, it’s time to peel ourselves off the couch, turn the television off and get active again. Yes, it might hurt and yes, it might burn a little, but it will all be worth it when you don’t have to undo the top button on your favourite pair of jeans just to be comfortable!


TOP ROW: L’URV The Jungle Fever short | CK PERFORMANCE Distressed Fleece Sleeveless Vest With Thermal Piecing | CK PERFORMANCE High-Low Motivate Shadow Stripe Tank
BOTTOM ROW: AMBRA ‘Bodysoft’ Sport Luxe Shaper Bra | CK PERFORMANCE High-Low Motivate Shadow Stripe Tank | L’URV The Jungle Fever Spliced Legging

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