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How to ease back into the work year

Bounce out of bed and back into the office with these tips to make you feel better than ever at work in 2016…

Become a juice drinker
If you’ve always been a ‘but first, coffee’ kinda gal, why not make 2016 the year you became a juice drinker. Invest in a powerful blender, stock up on fresh, healthy ingredients and try starting every second day with a homemade juice instead of your regular coffee. You’ll feel better than ever and save a few pennies along the way.

Update your work wardrobe
Any excuse for new clothes is a good one, but heading back to work is a legitimate one. Take pride in your appearance at work by updating your 9-5 wardrobe with chic new staples that you can mix and match. Think tailored seperates, crisp shirts and silk tops.

Start the day with a swim
Nothing will have you feeling fresh and energised all day like a morning workout. But if a high-energy spin class is not your ideal start to the day, then hit the pool for some laps before work. Aside from helping with mental relaxation, swimming also helps to strengthen your core as it utilises all the muscles in your body at once.

Stationary is important
A new work year calls for a clean slate, and setting yourself up with some chic new stationary is a great way to plunge into 2016 feeling organised. Clean out your desk, replace old notebooks and invest in some quality new pens, because after all, feeling good at work is all about the small details.

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