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Introducing: être cécile

Get set to embrace your inner Parisian – être cécile has just arrived at Myer.

être cécile myer

Designed for the true fashion girl, être cécile was founded by Yasmin Sewell, Jemma Dyas and Kyle Robinson, who collectively aspired to create a unique ready-to-wear collection, taking inspiration from the cleanliness of French style. Never to be taken too seriously, the brand plays on its original identity as a designer t-shirt label with subtle humour and lightheartedness at the core of all designs.

We caught up with one of the labels founders, Yasmin Sewell, to find out more about our new favourite brand…

Myer: How did you, along with co-founders Jemma Dyas and Kyle Robinson, come up with être cécile?
Yasmin Sewell: Having all worked in the fashion industry from different angles for years, we had an inkling of what the market was missing. We all felt that the T-shirt is an absolute staple in any wardrobe and saw there was room for a brand that produced chic, easy and fun designs that work alongside luxury and everyday pieces. We always want to remain current – capitalizing on a mood, collaborating with artists and always following our instincts.

M: Tell us about the artist Cécile and why she has influenced the brand?
YS: Cecile was an Irish born artist living in 1960s Paris. A fun loving, free spirit who connected with everyone she met – être cécile was inspired by her eccentric character and artistic vision. We loved the idea of playing the chic Francophile while at our core being a lighthearted and eccentric British brand.

M: How does the design/idea process work amongst the three of you?
YS: We all get involved with the development process, throwing around ideas in a big brainstorming session long before the collection hits the stores. We all have our ideas about new themes and the next Cecile adventure, and we work hard to make sure the brand is a reflection of all of us.

M: Tell us about the new campaign, To Be Cecile…
YS: For PS16 we wanted to celebrate the ladies behind the brand – the women who we see as representing what it is to be a Cecile girl – confident, chic and fun. We street cast most of the girls mixing in with some well known industry faces who have been amazing ambassadors for us since Day One. The French language theme is just our ongoing joke that well… we’re not really French at all! We’ve never wanted to take ourselves too seriously as être cécile was created so we could have easy fashion pieces you can feel unpretentious but impactful in. Just like all our girls.

M: What can we expect to see in the upcoming collection in store?
YS: For PS16, we were inspired by French film classic “Pierrot le Fou” by Jean-Claude Goddard – it’s a slightly doomed love story that is set across a beautiful road trip along the French Riveria – a sort of French Bonnie & Clyde. The whole collection mirrors that hazy, sunkissed look of Riveria – blushes, soft pastels and classic Breton stripes – with traditional postcards, new wave cinematic typography and punchy slogans.

M: If you had to pick one piece from this collection, as a must-have, what would it be
YS: “La vie Parisienne” Breton Stripe t shirt – the typography, the Breton stripe everything about this tee represents that laid back, sun kissed French vibe we are all secretly after. Doesn’t everyone want to be a Parisian girl?

etre cecile founders Myer

être cécile founders Yasmin Sewell, Kyle Robinson and Jemma Dyas.

être cécile myer

être cécile is available at Myer Melbourne City, Sydney City, Brisbane City, Perth City, Bondi and Chadstone

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