Heidi Klum Myer 2016

Picking the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift with Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum returned to Myer Melbourne this week to launch her new season Heidi Klum Intimates and Heidi Klum Man collections. We caught up with the underwear designer and supermodel to find out more about the range and to get her tips on choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift..

Heidi Klum Myer 2016

Myer: As Creative Director of Heidi Klum Intimates, tell us what you have been adding to the designs of the collection?
Heid Klum: Each piece in the Heidi Klum Intimates collection is for the sophisticated, modern woman. Women should be able to feel naturally sexy, empowered & confident in their lingerie. The collection will have pieces for everyday and special occasions to take women through every moment in their lives. I just started working with my design team and I’m hoping to bring more special occasion pieces to the collection like a great plunging piece for those low necklines or those outfits that you never seem to find the right underwear for.

M: What have been some of the highlights of the past 12 months as you’ve launched Heidi Klum Intimates around the globe?
I have loved working closely with all the retailers globally. Working together on getting everything done over the past year has been vital to the success of the launch of the business and has been so much fun.

M: What are your favourite designs from the new collection?
HK: Dreamtime is one of my absolute favourite styles. It’s sporty yet sophisticated and the geometric lace is so unique. This season we made it in a classic black. Sheer Infinity is great too. It has a beautiful foiled all-over lace that sits on top of a very light foam cup. It has that lightweight feel that is so hard to achieve.

M: Valentines Day is coming – what should a woman buy for a man?
HK: Take note of what styles he likes. Some men refuse to wear boxers and others refuse to wear briefs! You should know what your man likes and especially what you like to see him in. But don’t be scared to surprise him with something he doesn’t normally wear, a bold stripe or a detailed print might just be a hit.

M: What hints should she make to her partner to get the right gift?
HK: Make sure he knows your size! Whether you leave your lingerie draw open or tell him directly. Hint at the colours and fabrics you like – not everything works for everyone, so whether you like delicate lace pastels or black and deep reds, just let him know.  Alternatively, just let him go for it! You get to see how creative he can be and an insight into what he would like to see you in.

Heidi Klum Myer

Heidi wears A Corps Perdu demi bra and bikini, available in selected stores

Heidi Klum myer

LEFT: Heidi wears Dreamtime underwire bra and boyleg, both available at selected stores
RIGHT: Heidi wears Paradise Promises strapless bra, bikini and suspender, all available at selected stores from mid-March

Heidi Klum Myer
Heidi wears Sheer Infinity contour bra and bikini, available in selected stores

Shop our range of Heidi Klum Intimates online here and our range of Heidi Klum Man online here.

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