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8 Essential Makeup Brushes for your Beauty Bag

Any makeup artist will tell you that your makeup is only as good as your brushes, but knowing what you actually need and what to do with each brush can be overwhelming. We’ve simplified it for you with these, the 8 brushes we can’t live without.

1. Foundation Brush #190
One of the most important brushes well worth investing in is a foundation brush. It can be used to apply primer and any water-based foundations and creates a longer-lasting base to get you through the day. Blending and creating a smooth even coverage is a cinch when using this brush meaning no more dirty foundation lines along the jaw and hairline.

2. Angled Contour Brush #168
If contouring has you stumped, then you’re going to love this brush. Easily apply powder bronzer and highlighter to the cheekbones, temples and jawline with this super soft brush with an angled finish designed to promote even blending. If you’re more of a blush girl, then the 168 can also be used to apply powder colour to the cheekbones without hassle.

3. Small Duo Fibre Face Brush #188
For the days where you’re after a no-makeup look, use the 188 to apply a light dusting of face powder or even use with your everyday foundation for a sheer coverage. The fibre bristles allow for a liquid foundation to be spread easily and smoothly across the skin, giving you and instant fresh face.

4. Short Duo Fibre Brush #130
When it comes to contouring, highlighting and cheek work, the short duo fibre brush is a must-have. It provides precision blending of foundations, creams and emulsions without disturbing any layers of makeup you may already have applied.

5. Eye Shader Brush #239
Designed for applying a wash of colour over the eyelid, the 188 is ideal for when you’re only wearing one colour on the eye or when you’re wanting to create an even base across the lid with a powder or cream eye colour.

6. Tapered Blending Brush #224
Ever wondered how to nail a beautiful eye look with multiple colours? It’s all in the brush and the 224 is the ultimate eye colour blending brush for when you want to get creative. The long fluffy pointed tip holds colour and allows for easy blending through the eye crease, in the outer corners and underneath the eye. This brush will quickly become your best friend as you say goodbye to uneven and messy eyeshadow.

7. Angle brush #266
What makes the 266 angle brush so great is the number of different things it can be used for. From filling in your brows with brow powder to applying the perfect flicked gel eye liner, this brush is definitely a beauty bag essential.

8. Blending Brush #217
For simple blending with powder eye colours, the 217 brush is for you. Easily apply colour across the eyelid and blend out the edges perfectly with the soft rounded tip of the 217 brush, which is designed specifically for all over colour blending.

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